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Peytrah Fischer


Welcome to Litios Oceania. I am Peytrah, representing Litios®Light Crystals for you.

Metatron says:” It is time to unfold your True Light Potential”, and I am happy to be with you in this wonderful journey.

Litios Light Crystals

Experience the entire range of Litios Light Crystals and Litios Light Diamonds- manifested Light Consciousness.


Metatron Diamond Light Priest Training

Become an ambassador on Earth for the highest light.

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Christmas Meditation with the Light of Grace of Mother Mary

The Grace of Mother Mary transforms and blesses you! She ignites a light in darkness and so together we ignite the light in all places and hearts so that  there will be flowers blossoming where darkness prevailed.

Point Cartwright, Monday, 26.12, 6 pm, $ 20.- please RSVC : 0414948154

Workshops & Events

Enjoy Participating in Seminars, Workshops and Events.





Enjoy raising your frequency by Channelings from Kyria Deva


Leading you to Light temples, your lightbody, chakras, and energy bodies.


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