Dear Litios Light Family,

As Greeting for the new Year you can connect with the Litios Team in the Head office and all Litios Light Centres worldwide to perform a peace Meditation for the whole earth.

What this earth needs especially at the moment is the dove of peace of the Holy Spirit, that we, as the Light Guards of this earth can send all over the world.

Let us step in our highest radiance and our most powerful light presence. We activate our authorities as Light guards of this earth.

During this Peace Meditation you are guided before the Throne of God by Lightlord Metatron and you there you can place your concerns and superordinated heart wishes for for humanity and the entire earth into the heart of the eternal Father Mother God.

We ( Antje and Edwin) are going to meditate at New Years Eve at ca 23.30- past midnight for the entire humanity here on earth.


We are saying a heavenly blessing for the entire year 2016 and are sending the abundance of grace throughout the entire earth.

Channeling of Lord Krishna

This morning Lord Krishna spoke to us ( Antje Kyria and Edwin):

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Beloved raise yourself, let yourself be suffused by my heavenly bliss and the perfection of God.

Send my supernatural bliss into everything that you view with critical eyes, wherever you are stuck in criticism with your earthly mind and ego, not content with yourself or your fellow man and wherever you say: “I can only be happy or content, I can only relax internally and be serene, once this here is perfectly completed or this has manifested according to my imagination.”

Don’t look at the inadequacy of this world but look at me ( Lord Krishna) and send my light of enlightenment into everything that is not perfect or incomplete.

Let it be suffused by my bliss.

Connect yourself deeply, unite your heart Chakra with my heart Chara of enlightenment ( of Lord Krishna) and allow me to suffuse everything that is not perfect within you and around you, in your life and on this entire earth with my heavenly bliss and to guide it into the perfection of God.

This year 2016 is the year of heavenly bliss for you. 

This following music is a wonderful ‘ Gloria in excelsis deo, meaning Glory to God in the highest.

Even though it is a Christmas song you can always listen to it as it rejoices your soul.

It is wonderful for the birth of God in your heart.

From heart to heart we wish you a blissful 2016 and that you are always connected and are one ( All One) with all Light Sisters and Brothers.

May all your deep Heart wishes be fulfilled!



New Years Peace Meditation 2016,

channelled by Antje Kyria Deva

This is Jesus the Christ, the high Lord of Peace and Master of Heart.

My peace spreads from one end of the universe to the other, as I am so deeply united with the heart of Father Mother God. So deeply, I redeemed all situations and returned back to the heart of God and so deeply that you can allow me to descend into the depth of your soul to bring the peace to the subconscious realms of your souls, the peace with the heart of God, with yourself, with your entire life, with your entire being with all your lives.

Being in this state of peace means to be able to fully open yourself, for the happiness, for the bliss of heaven- I am opening a mighty portal of peace within you today, down to the deepest bottom of your soul- peace across all boarders means to be in the same energy of peace as the angels, as the star light brothers and sisters- so transcending all dimensions within you and you are ascending step by step.

The divine dove of peace is embracing you, is embracing all your energy bodies. The wings of the Holy Spirit are carrying you upwards. And so in your spirit you can leave the earth behind, simply go on travels, raise yourself from all earthly matters, simply let go, simply leave everything behind, raise yourself widely above and allow yourself to be carried from step to step. 1000 angels are lining your way, accompanying you, smiling at you, gifting you their vibrations, embracing you with their wings and raising you from dimension to dimension.

They take care of all the things that you left behind, they take care of all the things that you asked for- you can raise yourself, swing yourself up in your spirit with the wings of the Holy Spirit, with the wings of the dove of peace, which are uniting fully with you. Your spiritual body is one with the wings of the dove of peace, your entire mental body, all your thoughts are now one with the thoughts of peace of God. The Emotional Body is one with the peace energies of God, your Ether Body is vibrating in unity and is one with the dove of peace of the Holy Spirit. The mighty wings are in your ether body- it spurs you on, down to the cells and also in the DNA, everything that is engraved in disharmony in every cell is being redeemed now through the dove of peace and transformed in deep peace. In the almighty power of creation of God this is possible- everything is possible. Stress is disharmony and so you hand over this frequency and step into the peace where one thing is affecting the other in harmony.

You raise yourself far beyond earthly time in the eternity of the dove of peace of the Holy Spirit, from eternity to eternity deep peace in you, in all lives, in all dimensions, in all generations of your family on all star systems in all times you lived ever and so you raise even more and swing yourself up with the wings of the dove of peace- it is one with you, you transform into this radiant light being, it is floating upwards with you, elevating far above this earth, from dimension to dimension, from step by step with the choirs of the angels and they carry you upwards.

Far away you see in your spirit the sun of God and it is attracting you like a powerful magnet,as you are born from the sun of God and it is attracting you like a powerful magnet to the sun of God, to the source of the light of this universe. And the angels are carrying you to the gate of the universe and from here your spirit sees deep into the heart of God with the angels that are constantly standing before the throne and asking for this universe, for this earth, for this universe.

And today you are here and you may ask for this earth. Give your entire heart, all your hearts request, pour your heart out, pour it fully out into the heart of God, into the heart of Father, Mother God, pour it all out into this primordial well of love. In this primordial well of peace, of grace, of beauty in the primordial well of the eternal life, pour your entire heart out now.

And the heart of God says: What is it that your heart desires for yourself and for the entire earth? Give it to the heart of God and now from the heart of God, a powerful flow of the eternal grace is coming, of almightiness, of all love of the eternal live and embraces you and the heart of God is deeply grateful, deeply full of love for you, that you are here to ask for humanity- how wonderful.

And so this infinite love is embracing you from Father Mother God, is accompanying you back, a flow of light of the eternal peace and the eternal life. And the angels are returning with you, thousands and but a thousands of angels – accompanying you, so you find the way. Yet you are returning now with infinite power of light and gifts for the earth. The flaming heart is coming with you and this flaming heart is pouring over the entire earth, igniting the ether of the earth, a fire of love around the earth, in the earth in all hearts wherever you are now guiding this fire, into the power centres of this earth, in the war zones of this earth, in your own country in the hardship of your own country. The mental hardships and hardships of the soul, the physical hardships- on all levels and the flaming heart of God is also descending in the deep dimensions of the fallen dimensions. And with this flaming heart of God we are blessing the entire earth and we are blessing this earth in the name of the highest power of light, in the name of Father Mother God, the Sons and Daughters of God and the Holy Spirit Amen.

Ehyeh asher ehyeh, ehyeh asher ehyeh, ehyeh asher ehyeh, So Ham.

Beloved, this is Jesus the Christ and you sometimes ask yourself: why, for 2000 years, even though I then was present, there is such little peace on this earth, even though my light was radiating 2000 years ago as a powerful ascending star

and I however tell you: how many people are here opening such a peace portal just like you with no ifs and buts-

lay aside all ifs and buts, as today heaven is descending on earth and say:

Heart of God work in me, come in me and be one with me just as I always prayed- dear Beloved heart of God come to me, work in me just how you please, according to your higher will without ifs and buts, then the entire heaven is descending through your open heart upon this earth with no limits, with no conditions, restrictions, perhaps, but when- let it all go, this means open yourself unconditionally, then the Heart of God is descending in you just as today and it stays in you.

And the entire heaven is following your heart wherever you are and go just as it was for me, when I lived here on this earth and how it is now- as the entire heaven is with me and so it is

Beloved light, Beloved heart of light, Beloved light brother and sister.