The Flower of Life, the divine Matrix of Lightlord Metatron

Information from Metatrons Channelings about the Flower of Life by Antje Kyria Deva as well own experiences in the usage of the ‘Flower of Life’,

article, written for the e-magazine “oddities”, Dec 2015


Probably you are all familiar with this divine pattern, The Flower of Life, the primordial Crystal of all Creation, the divine Matrix created by Lightlord Metatron and visible on many sacred places around the world.

Maybe you read Drunvalo Melchisedeks amazing books about the Flower of Life, maybe you studied Sacred Geometry, maybe a friend told you about it or you visited a workshop about the Flower of Life.

There is so much knowledge now available for us, inspiring food for our minds and do you know you can very practically use it in your everyday life?

It is a very powerful and divine matrix that you have on hand, assisting you to ease your life, your connections to bring everything back in its divine order. Just as many of you use the Reiki symbols you can use the Flower of Life and send it through space and time. It is divine consciousness, not just a static construct and therefore your clear heart intention is suffice.

urlThe Flower of Life around the world


But do you know the deeper meaning of the Flower of Life?

The Flower of Life is the divine Matrix of Metatron El Shaddai, the highest Archangel who carries the crystal of creation.

It is at the gateway from the unmanifested to the manifested universe and aligns everything in divine order and harmony. It connects in divine harmony all stars, planets and lightbeings in the dance of eternal life of eternal creation and evolution.

Everlasting is new creation and evolution.

The new Creation of God assists you in your transformation and evolution.

It is the key of the divine heart, the divine matrix, aligning all things in harmony with the entire universe. It is the light consciousness of God.

The Flower of Life is not as depicted only a two dimensional construct but a divine multidimensional living consciousness, in unism and resonance with the divine flame of the eternal life in all beings.

‘I am the I am in you’. It is the essence of God that exists eternally in you. You never loose your divine identity.

The Flower of Life leads chaos in a new creation.

It is a divine matrix, a field of consciousness.

Use your focus, what do you want to create?

Be active light consciousness and say:

“I activate my divine matrix of primordial light”, and the eternal grace is activating your field of light consciousness, your divine matrix.

It awakens your consciousness about your multidimensionality of your entire being, so you can be clearer, more present in your light consciousness. We are so used to be thought by the Radio, TV, Social Media rather than stepping in our Master presence and guide and focus our mind.

It is a sacred process of consciousness and you may ask:


“Please, gift me the power of transformation for my life”.

You were born as the purest angel light being- aeons and aeons ago, and in truth you are this angel of light and it is awakening.

Your radiant Flower of life is being activated multidimensional in different dimensions.

It connects you with the many light dimensions of eternity. The flower of Life creates divine connections to All That Is, light connections that are now newly activated, in this moment and thus you redeem the old matrix, the old consciousness of suffering and despair.


The divine matrix can redeem and illuminate all old connections in one moment of grace and reconnect them to the light.


Personally, I enjoy sending the Flower of Life in the Metatron energy to peoples’ hearts, minds, into situations and ask the divine order to be restored for the highest benefit of all. It is a great help to send it into your workplace, to your boss’ heart, to your partner, husband, wife, child, the children’s teacher, a contract, a house… there are no limitations. People, animals as well as spaces respond throughout space and time. You can even send it back into your childhood, into your past lives and ask for the divine harmony which brings so much grace and redemption energy.

The other day I had several difficult tasks ahead, uncomfortable communications that needed to be done, difficult circumstances that wanted to be cleared and even date issues regarding some projects. You can imagine how uncomfortable I felt and how it started to unsettle me. Luckily I remembered to use and practice what I preach and while I realised all this, I started to feel this clogged up energy in one of those issues. It felt very chaotic, messy, tangled and stagnant. A divine inspiration reminded me of an exercise we use in Vipassana Meditation, ‘swiping through your body’. So I was sitting here in my room and started swiping this divine Flower of Life through and through this clogged energy.

I swiped it from above to below, from front to back, side to side and so on and while swiping it was like the Flower of Life made space between those single strings, lifting and expanding this clogged energy field almost like pulling an old chewing gum, strings that loosened, so I could start to breathe much easier and feel the expansion even in my body as it released this tension as well.

It is almost like watching a movie and seeing this clogged energy field expanding, loosening, freeing, entangeling.

Can you feel the energy changing? Can you picture what happened… everything sorted itself out beautifully.


This is how you can use your mind, the divine Flower of Life and your Hearts’ intention to assist you in your daily challenges, very simple, easy and so effective.

Try it for yourself and I would love to hear how you go, I would love to hear your experiences.

From heart to heart I send you the Flower of Life of the Metatron energy.


It is the living flame ‘I am’, the divine spark and without this spark, you wouldn’t exist. The primordial Matrix is reality. The divine Matrix is the eternal Life of God. It can’t be destroyed as it is from God, perfect, holy, sacred.


It reconnects you to the primordial spheres of creation, the Light Matrix- highest light consciousness, and so you can use this field of consciousness for redemption work for the planet.

Send the Flower of life in anything that is out of balance and needs transformation back into divine harmony. Send it in personal issues, to the heart of people, countries, assignments, court cases, your bank statement- yes, really use it in your daily matters and daily connections with family and friends.


Transforms this earth together with the Ascended Masters, Lightlord Metatron, the highest light beings, the Holy White Brotherhood, the 144000 Ascended and Illuminated Ones.

A human being full of love is needed to anchor this divine light here on earth.


The beauty and glory of God is with you.