Regarding the stream of refugees in Europe and especially the happenings in Germany, Lightlord Metatron gave us the following message channelled by Angel Medium Antje Kyria Deva. The message is a very helpful support and shows how each of us can contribute to a positive and lightful development. And this Channelling can also be used and extended for any country also for Australia!


A fire storm of God’s Love for the stream of refugees

In a channelling, Lightlord Metatron explained that we are the custodians of our country, there where we were born and where we consciously incarnated. (This is valid for every community in which we were born and in which we live, for example our family, town, etc). This means that we have the permission and the power of authority from God to act on behalf of our country. The question is – how can we and are we allowed to act?

In the current case of the stream of refugees in Europe, we can connect in meditation with the Angels and Ascended Masters. We can present them our heart’s desire for our country, eg. ask for purification, peace and grace. It is a joy for them to help us, their Light Brothers and Sisters here on Earth, when we ask them to. (Without our “yes”, ie. our permission, they cannot act because they respect our free will).

In the following channelling, Lightlord Metatron spoke through Angel Medium Antje Kyria Deva during a group meditation for the refugees. You can activate this energy within you now and for your own country.

Lightlord Metatron speaks: (excerpt):

Today we together ignite the hearts of all people and inhabitants of this country, also those that have recently moved here, to purify and free them of shock and trauma, of old fears. Nothing can hang on that is outside of the Divine. Visualize this fire storm of God’s love that redeems and incinerates the old country karma, which also ignites and redeems the karma of each individual.
This fire storm continues to the borders of this country. A mighty fire of love is manifested at the border so that all beings that wish to enter this country but not with the purest intention of love, will either remain outside or they are transformed and therefore go into the light. The borders of this country are ringed in flames of love.
And with this fire come we the angels of heaven and the Enlightened Ones, for we will intensify it a thousand times with our immeasurable love of our hearts.
A fire storm of God’s Love expands outwards to all bordering countries. This whole continent is now enflamed out of the love flame of our hearts and your hearts, the love fire of God.
A fire of love goes far out, around this Earth, also to all beings that have a dark intention for this Earth and the people on it.
A mighty light has been sparked and ignited and it only requires a handful of pure souls to make it happen. It only requires a handful of hearts with pure intentions of love that are ready to step into the light of the angels and they will be flooded by the Heart of God.

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