Light Body Consultations

 Lightbody Balancing with Lightlord Metatron and the crystal energies



Light Body Harmonisation of Your Chakra and Aura System with meditation and personal Messages from your Angels.

With the help of the angels I analyse your lightbodies and areas that are not in harmony and thus limit your life quality.

We speak about your personal issues and goals.


Through the divine consciousness of Litios Light Tools and your higher self a profound transformation and dissolving of blockages takes place. A loving Redemption of extraneous energies and karma occurs, a deep letting go, cleansing and harmonising of your entire system.

All those issues will be illuminated and your divine flow will be restored.

The divine light will fill everything within you and you feel balanced and aligned, peaceful within.


By Appointment only

1,5 h only $ 150 ( any half an hour extra plus $ 50 each)