Perfect Christmas Gift ideas for everyone!

Christmas Gifts in the crystalline Light Consciousness

Angel Light for your loved ones

1.Our Allrounder: The Love Pearl


The Love Pearl is a great affordable gift for a friend, collegue, child simply anybody who you would like to delight. The Love Pearl is also called Kiss from heaven and brings heavenly love in the aura. Find out more:

2. For Men:

Litios Light Crystals empower men in all stages of their lives:

Shiva Pearl:The Shiva Pearl is brilliant in any transition phases of our lives and allows transformation to happen- in win-win outcomes!

Shiva Energy Pearl

Dragon Pendant: Gives us courage and strength to follow ones heart. The lucky Dragon Pendant grounds all your projects and opens miraculous doors. It helps with all karmic family issues so that he can move forward freely and supportedly.

Dragon Pendant

Flower of Life: is an absolute powerful Matrix which sets him free. It liberates him from old programmings, if he wishes and activates the divine Flower of Life in his being.

The divine matrix, Flower of Life

Pyramid: Is a brilliant tool to create a space where you can work absolutely concentrated and manifest the highest light, your ideas down to earth.

Pyramid of Ascension


3.For Women:

The Hearts: helps women to follow their heart, life the love they have inside and attract love into their lives. Perfect for all heart issues.

Crystal Heart

Diamond Rings/ Earrings: The Venusian love and beauty is suffusing your aura and being. Goddesses are embracing, accompnying and guiding you! One of my absolute favourite!

Diamond Ring

The Heart of the Queen: A very special and powerful tool for all women who have experienced hardship and humilitation. Lady Sananda helps you to heal and transform all pain and to step back onto your throne!



Mirror of Amenti: Intensive Grounding! Helps you to accept and love yourself! Many women reported me that the Mirror of Amenti enhances their writing- reconnecting with your long lost talents and bringing your wisdom in the here and now.

Mirror of Amenti


For Kids:

The Dolphin Pendant: The Dolphins are wonderful in balancing emotions and healing traumatic experiences. We received Feedback that especially kids who tend to be very extrem emotionally are more balanced and aligned within themselves wearing teh Dolphin Pendant. Very good for kids with ADHD. Dolphins bring joy, flow, creativity and are wonderful light friends.

dolphin santiri

The Dolphin Sphere:The Dolphin Sphere is especially beneficial in your Kids bedroom. It helps to promote a restful sleep, beautiful dreams and the dolphins work and redeem your child from all that hurt them throughout the day.

Dolphin Sphere

The Dragon Pendant:Dragons- many children and teenagers love this Pendant! It gives them strength, belief in themselves, grounding and the courage to follow their own heart. Dragons help your child or teenagers to move gently through their fears. The dragons are also the lucky dragons who take your kids on adventures in the realms of the light, many surf lightwaves or fly on their back ;).

Dragon Pendant

The Ashtar Sphere: A great light Tool for all kids who love technology. This sphere redeems electric radiation and protects your child’s aura. Light technicians such as Ashtar Sheran might even inspire your child with a new invention of light technology to manifest on earth. It also connects them to their spiritual light family, light siblings which alows them to feel even more loved and connected to All That Is..

The Ashtar Sphere


For your Pets:

The Dolphin Pendant Mini: Your pet is surrounded by Light Dolphins, Pegasus and Unicorn energies who support it on its path of evolution. Very good for any pets who suffered abuse to heal their traumas so it can move forward in new joy and lightness.

Dolphin Pendant mini

All Crystals and Diamonds are suitable for everyone and not limited to a certain age or gender.This is a list of recommendations and suggestions to inspire you.

Please contact us, if you have any questions!

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