Lightlord Metatron gives advice, when you are confronted by

something challenging or derogatory


“Do it like the Angels of God. Illuminate everything with the light of love and

enlightenment out of your hearts, encourage the divine in all through your

presence and for everything else don’t invest any energy. When we look into you

and radiate into you, we don’t illuminate the small corners and edges to bring out

the negative in order to crucify it, rather through love we gently encourage the

divine, the love and the light in you, unify ourselves with it and bring your true

divine being to radiate. The only true navigation in you is the divine “I AM” flame

in your hearts. Whenever confusion from outside approaches you, then go deep

into your innermost being, your Unified Heart Chakra, connect yourself with the

Heart of Mother-Father God and the Heart of the Earth and you will recognize the

divine reality within you.”



Have you ever tried this?

Have you ever connected deep with your Heart energy to radiate and expand its energy into something that scared you, upset you or challenged you?

Practise… just play, explore and see what happens…

Myself, I am really practising  this more and more and remind myself more often whenever I am challenged with either thoughts that are not lightful, situations in the inner or outside world, that upset me or whenever I feel I loose myself in situations, conversations or anything where I realise I am not in the divine field, I am not in harmony.( In the clip below they talk about not being ‘in Coherence’)

Early in my life I heard this amazing story from my teacher, it must have been in grade 1 or 2 that my religion teacher told us about someone who was about to be robbed. This person just simply blew the robber away with kindness and lovingness so that the robber couldn’t rob anymore but experienced a great relief and peace in his heart. I remember this story even today and could from the beginning feel the magic and truth that true love and kindness can set everyone free.

A similar story was told to a group of us in a bodyworking session by our trainer. She spoke about an incident in a train where a guy wanted to rob a young women. This women was so not responsive to his actions as if she wouldn’t have this possibility in her matrix but just said ‘Hi, how are you? “to him with her absolute contagious smile. He was blown away, speechless and deedless and it changed the whole setting in blink of an eye.

I love stories like this and often experienced their truth.

One great example was in the Avatar Course. They have an exercise called ‘Serious Drill’. In this exercise you work in pairs and one person has to think of something negative or stepping into a feeling of anger etc. The other person sees just the divine in this person… and guess what happens. The person who is supposed to think something bad, can persist and finds itself feeling the love….I have ever since loved it!

You can practise with your children, husbands, wives, parents…

even children you don’t know…. I remember once a child terribly upset in its pram somewhere in a park and I just send her love from my heart… and it stopped crying and started curiously looking around.

And then last weekend. The mobile phone wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t charge- no response. For some reason I thought about the power of the electromagnetic field of our hearts and with intention I activated my electromagnetic field of my heart and radiated it in this mobile phone….

it started working again!


Remember you are so powerful, your heart is so powerful and even stronger if you use it together with your divine guidance, especially on days you feel you can’t just activate it yourself, ask for help and Lightlord Metatron, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary or whoever is close to you, Buddha, The Goddesses, Archangel Michael …will look at you with all their love, if you wish they enter your aura with their vibration and raise you in an activated Heart Frequency. It’s so easy! Use it, allow your imagination to be free and do whatever you are guided to do- for the highest Good of All!

In deep love, joy and gratitude