Daily Use of the Litios Light Crystals

Litios Light Crystals create a direct channel to the dimension of the Archangels, Crystal Angels and Ascended Masters. We can also benefit from them in our everyday lives.

Lightlord Metatron often says: “Simply asking would suffice – we love to help you and always respect your free will”

The “Daily Use of the Litios Light Crystals” gives you some ideas of how creative you can be in the use of the Light Crystals.

* Ask for a protective shield of light and wear a Light Crystal in your aura and say: “I call upon Lightlord Metatron and the Masters and ask for their company and guidance”* Create a channel of light in your meditation and “release“ important issues, ask for transformation and the ideal solution (include the infinite possibilities of the Holy Spirit)

* Place a Light Crystal on a picture or a certain issue and entrust it to the angels: The best would be “in the name of the Holy Trinity I ask for…“

“I ask for the most ideal solution for everybody concerned – I ask for the clearing and transformation of all dark energies and call upon the energies of light from the highest dimensions – may they fill everything in this matter“  –  “I ask for the Golden Flow of the universe of abundance, wealth and perfection“…

* You can include others and send them light for their concerns at any time – what is allowed to happen may happen – it happens within the divine plan (manipulation is impossible as we work with energies beyond the 7th dimension)

* Light Crystals enable you to experience deep meditation and to connect with the higher dimensions of light: You may ask for transformation and the release of all problems, issues, dependencies, manipulations and concerns, also karma – you ask to fill everything with light and love.

* You ask to fill and suffuse the entire aura and rooms with Light Crystals and Light Energies.

* With a little creativity it opens up numerous possibilities for use, e.g., the Shiva Energy Pearl for energizing beverages – hang it above the cooking stove and ask the Crystal Angels to illuminate food – attach it to the refrigerator – hang it above the fruit bowl, the bread box or in the storage cellar…– put the Shiva Energy Pearl into the bathtub, hang it in your shower…, use it to activate acupuncture points

* Put, e.g., a Love Pearl in a glass of wine and compare the taste

* Use the Crystal Card for cosmetics, medication, food. Put it in the refrigerator, technical appliances (phone, electrical boxes, water pipes, car interior) or put it on aching, blocked areas, also the Crystal Chip

The Light Crystals can be used in your individual energy work: 

We ask for a light gown and carry a light crystal in our aura. ” I ask Lightlord Metatron and the Master and Mastress for their company and support.”

  • Establish a Light channel in the meditation just by asking for the activation of the light crystal. Now you can hand over important issues to the angels, ask for transformation and the optimal solution. Important:  Be open, don’t limit yourself– the possibilities of the Holy spirit are infinite!
  • Place a Light Crystal on a certain Chakra to redeem the blockage and hand the issue into transformation.
  • Write your wishes and request positively, place a light crystal on it and hand it over to the light universe ( my relationship to… is in divine harmony, rather than I don”t want argues with..)
  • Place a Light Crystal on the foto of a person ( remote healing) or a certain issue (write on a piece of paper) and hand it over to the angels. “In the name of the Holy Trinity, in the name of Father and Mother God, the Sons and Daughters of God and the Holy Spirit, I ask for…”
    • the most  lightful solution for all involved
    • Redemption and Transformation of all dark energies of this matter and that all is filled with the highest light energies from the highest dimensions.
    • the golden flow of the universe of abundance, flow and prosperity.
    • and so on
  • With the help of Light Crystals we can dive easier into Meditation and connect with the higher Light Dimensions. We can ask for transformation and redemption of all problems, issues, dependencies, manipulations and concerns, as well as of karma. We ask that everything shall be filled with light and love.
  • Place a Light Crystal in a room and ask for cleansing and illumination of your room, your apartment or house. ]
  • while Travelling: wear a Light Crystals, Place a Light Crystal in the Hotel Room, Elf Scarves are great for Jetlag
  • We ask that our entire aura and spaces are filled and illuminated by light crystals and light energies
  • Rooms can be energetically cleansed, illuminated & harmonized with these energies of light.

Lightlord Metatron explains in a Channelling:
“Whenever you feel that your LightCrystal needs to work for a long time at on certain issue, then connect with me in your heart, speak the divine blessing and ask that this energy is now picked up by the crystal angels.  “In the name of the Holy Trinity I ask you, beloved Crystal Angel , Beloved Metatron to guide those energies back into the divine Primordial Flow.”

Anytime we can ask for others and send them light for their concerns. Important: Whatever may happen in the divine plan will happen. The Angels and Masters don’t manipulate. They respect the will of all people, therefore they can only act as far as it is in alignment with the divine will and in the plan of this individual, or as far as the individual soul allows.

Use your intuition and fantasy for the many uses of Light Crystals: 

The Shiva Energy Pearl energises beverages- you can also hang it above the stove and ask the Crystal Angels to illuminate all meals.

Stick a Crystal Card in the Fridge as it can neutralise programs and illuminate all foods and drinks with light.

You can place or hang Light Crystals in the fruit bowl, bread basket, storage room

Have a bath with the Shiva Pearl or any other Light Crystal- I love the unicorn sphere in the bath 😉

Use the Shiva Pearl or Melchisedek Wand to activate Acupuncture points\

Place a Love Pearl in your wine- how does it taste?

The Crystal Card is brilliant in your cosmetic bag, drug cupboard, on technical appliances such as telefon, electricity / meter box, watertank, in your car or place on painful areas on your body.

and so much more…

Crystal Angels love when you communicate with them, ask them for support and guidance by using the Crystals and also thank them- the angels rejoice in receiving our gratitude.:

“I ask for the optimal activation of my Light Crystals”.