Channeling of Lady SaNada

   by Kyria Deva


Sceptre of the Queen- Dignity of the Queen


The diamond heart of the Queen ruby red

Lightlord Metatron and Lady SaNada speak to us

The Light Mastress Lady Nada also called Lady SaNada is entering the room. She is the expression of female beauty, female dignity. Her appearance is suppleness, is purity, is royal dignity. Her robe is moving supple, her entire figure is moving supple. Her smile is superior to all programs regarding men and women. She is the worthy queen, the female regent, sitting on the throne of which the human women have been pushed off.

With her dignity and sublimity she transfers the dignity of the queen to all women of this earth and to the female aspect of all men.

In her lifetime as Mary Magdalene she has experienced abuse, violence to the female sex, rape, humiliation and through her mastery she has holied, healed and redeemed all humiliation of the womanliness, the push of women from their throne, expelled from her paradise, not being any more the regent in her power.


Lady SaNada is carrying the healing power, the healing energy to heal the humiliation of women and to place the goddess again onto her throne in the centre of the female heart.


It was this special Mastery, a master ability in her lifetime as Mary Magdalene guiding back the dignity of women, which was laying in dust, was becoming impure, guiding it back into her original purity and beauty.


She has risen out of the dust and placed herself again onto the throne, which was given to her by God. She has risen in her inwardness and returned into the inner paradise of the Goddesses.


She wishes that we place the abused and our inner humiliated womanliness within us on the throne through her healing power, through the healing power of her mastery. All women who experienced this may receive healing through Lady SaNada. All men who caused this may receive healing in their hearts as by humiliating and abuseing, despising with violence, they despised themselves, delivered themselves to violence and so one resulted in the other in the infinite wheel of karma.

Lady SaNada is a Queen in the realms of the Master and Mastress, one, fully one, at the side of Lord Sanada and his regency with his royal power, with his dignity of a king.

She is his eternal cosmic beloved.

She speaks to all women: Return to Paradise. Accept this dignity. She hands over the sceptre of the dignity of the queen to all women, gifts it back to them and heals, cleanses and raises everything that is in context with the humiliation of the womanliness.


And so it is.


She is now speaking to you in your heart.