This week I received three phone calls of women, all very desperate and upset regarding their relationships with their husbands. All those women love their husbands dearly and told me about the communication breakdown they painfully experienced. All of those women are on their spiritual path, very aware, evolving through meditation, prayer, mindfulness, awakening in their goddess energy, understanding deeply the connections between souls and feeling the deep pain of a close loved one shutting down in communication.

It were those three women who inspired me to write this blog, to offer lightful tools that you can use easily in your daily lives and even teach your children. Tools that I am using myself and that I am finding very helpful and effective.

See what resonates with you. Try them, find your favourite and use them. I guarantee, you will experience lightful changes, sometimes miracles as you work together with the Highest Beings of Light, your Light Family and your highest self.


So here it is: the Emergency Light Tool Kit.


*First of all reconnect yourself to a loving Goddess energy such as Lady Gaia, Mother Mary and feel loved, protected and nourished. Feel the deep love they have for you and how they calm and embrace you.

*Ask Mother Mary or whoever Light Being enters your mind to also create a bubble of love and light around the other person if it is in their highest will, so they can feel safe and secure as well. ( Always ask for permission as we all always have our free will).

*Whenever you talk to this person, talk to their heart space or their higher self as those ones are always aligned. You can also talk in your imagination with the higher self of the other person.

*Send love and light from your heart to their heart and if it is too hard ask Mother Mary, Jesus Christ or whoever is close to you to help you. They enter and merge their heart space with yours and together you send out love and forgiveness.

*Ask Archangel Michael or Lady Rowena ( so to speak the female version) to cut and illuminate everything that is between you and the other person with their divine light sword. For strong protection and clarity I recommend our Angel Pendant. Experience Archangel Micheal in your Aura as an amazingly clear fatherly support.

*Imagine that Archangel Michael stands between the two of you with all his glory and only words, thoughts and emotions of love and light can be exchanged between the two of you. Do this whenever you think of this person.

* Repeat the Mantra: I am the radiant presence of God in expansion now. Personally I have experienced huge changes by repeating this Mantra over and over again

* Another great ‘Mantra’ is Ho’Oponopono. “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, I thank you”

Repeating those highly vibrational Mantras keep your mind busy so they stop you thinking in circles and also emanate their healing energy for you and the entire situation you are in.

*Ask Lady Venus, the specialist in all relationship to harmonise this relationship. With one gesture of her hand she can clear and  illuminate both of you and all that stands in your way. A great Tool to help you here is our Diamond Ring, Lady Venus and the Goddesses enter your aura and surround you with their beauty, harmony and help you to see and feel beauty and love within everything.

* Connect with Lightlord Metatron and together with him send the Flower of Life from your heart to the heart ,third eye of the other person or even their higher self. The Flower of Life is a divine Matrix which restores the divine order within everything as everything is created out of the Flower of Life. Another great Tool: the Flower of Life restores your unique Flower of Life in all your system and multidimensionality. Once it is restored you can use it as a powerful light tool to send it into peoples heart, situations, rooms….cells and organs.

This is the way to step into your master presence and work together with our Light Brother and sisters for the highest good of all.

Lightlord Metatron channeled through Antje Kyria Deva:

( Excerpt of the Initiation Channeling of the Diamond Pearls)

“Give your fellowmen the freedom to decide, whatever they may choose, even when you know and see that greater happiness – Divine Bliss – would await them. However, when they are not ready to fully open their gates for this divine consciousness, then simply allow it.

Lovingly grant them divine freedom. Be selfless love. Let them be unbound and free. Even when it sometimes hurts you as a human being, when sadness or anger come up, immerse in the diamond Flame of Oneness, as it is the purest flame of grace. You may let go, as you are sustained in this Allness, you are aware of your infinite friends and Brothers and Sisters of Light. This contact to All-Oneness, to the All-Unity-Consciousness, becomes more tangible, more real, visible, perceptible and audible. “


Work in the light with all your love from your heart, do what you can do and then give it to God.

Yes, often we want so badly that our beloved ones walk besides us to experience this grace and mercy, this joy and bliss that we have tasted over and over again. Allow them the freedom to decide and often this freedom opens doors, the doors to their hearts.

So Hum.

Keep Breathing

(Inhale ‘so’, exhale ‘hum’)

Kodoish, kodoish, kodosih adonai tsebayoth


In service of the Highest Power of Light,



The highly vibrational picture above called Peace is gratefully used from Janosh Art

We are often affected when seeing other people’s problems.  The images of natural disasters, floods and hunger in the world touch us. We want to do something, we want to make a contribution to the welfare of mankind. We can do this by focusing on ourselves rather than focusing on others. Peace cannot exist unless we first feel peace within ourselves. We increase our frequency with positive thoughts and inspire others to do the same. That is how we grow to the next phase in our evolutionary process, where there is no place for war, violence or terror. By healing yourself, you will heal the world around you. The frequency of Peace helps you to remember that you have the choice to release old emotions and create peace within yourself.