The resonance of your being

Isn’t it crazy sometimes?

You walk along a path or ride your bike or even drive your car and at the most narrowest point everyone accumulates, those walking towards you and those you are in front of you or even the ones coming from the side. I am observing those happenings for a while now and today it really struck me.

In my squad training this morning when I was really deeply concentrating on a flowing motion through the water I bumped into the girl coming towards me in the line besides me. So, as you know a line is 25 or 50 meters and having my eyes looking downward I didn’t see her coming- nevertheless there must have been almost like a magnetic pull of our/ my body to make contact.

As you are not just the physical body but have many other light bodies around you, the so called aura ,your electromagnetic field expands beyond the physical body.

image016 and even beyond this graphic!

I was really wondering why those magnetic attractions are happening. Sometimes they even happen at a line up for a cash register when someone just goes in ahead of you or maybe even a car who seems to come to close Maybe this is too far fetched but as everything is energy there must be an explanation which gives sense to those encounters.

You know, back in the Lemurian times when your bodies very light you connected by merging your light bodies together, an exchange from energy system to energy system and as your bodies were very lightful you only received high frequency, it was also a way to learn and communicate experiences ( very immediately without the disturbance or twisting of the truths through words,which are often so tinted by one’s own experiences or beliefs).

Imagine your body system as an entity entering in a dialogue with your beloved to learn about the other soul on a very deep level and then, because of the interconnection, de-parting from each other in a higher evolved state as your body system as well as theirs integrated new experiences, knowledge, wisdom.

Light beings have been doing exactly this from the beginning of time. Light beings such as Angels, Goddesses, Ascended Masters and they transfer you their attributes, teach you by superimposing their lightbodies over yours when you ask them to as you have your free will. This means Ascended masters can merge their activated Merkaba with yours and so activate your Merkaba or teach you how to activate it again. A perfect tool in this empowering experience is the Litios Merkaba Sphere.

Merkaba Sphere

Light Beings bring their frequency right into your being as for example the Goddesses, such as Mother Mary, Lady Venus, Lady Rowena, Lady Shakti, Lady Kwan Quin, Lady Sanada. This is actually a wonderful way to reconnect with your Goddess energy, to reawaken your Goddess energy within by asking them or your favourite one to superimpose their being to yours and guide and teach you to grow stronger in your Goddess presence. This is a really great exercise!


If you would like to enhance or accelerate this process I highly recommend our Litios Light Tools as they are the material anchor point for Ascended Masters, Angels, Goddesses etc. By wearing one or holding on ein your hand you are automatically connected with this certain lightbeing. The Angel Pendant e.g. brings you Archangel Michael in your Aura and then it is about you what you would like him to help or teach you or the Prism Sphere of Mother Mary brings Her into your energy field If you feel close to Jesus Christ try the Love Pearl, a so called Master pearl as the Master of Heart himself will come and joyfully accompany and guide you

Love Pearl.

So how can this all come together? We as human chose this experiment life on this earth to evolve and to grow within ourselves to experience and understand life, God, love and our nature is just made this way that subconsciously we so long to grow, to connect to exchange vibrations to learn about each other just to evolve ourselves.

Some might say “but there are people who just play games to pull your energies”… well… maybe they are right but maybe their soul just also longs to understand on a deeper level and therefore connects with you in any, maybe even in an annoying way. There is always an attraction between energies, otherwise they wouldn’t come together- even in an extreme connection like a so called Car accident for example.


Know, that any encounter can assist your healing, your expansion you becoming more whole again. You have always been whole just accumulated all sorts of experiences and this healing is like an transformation, redeeming, freeing of your own essence.


It just depends on us in which vibration you respond. As always the solution is to go into your heart, to rise the vibration, maybe ask Mother Mary, especially when you feel challenged or so badly annoyed or upset that you can’t access your heart energy and ask her to teach you to superimpose her heart chakra to you and to radiate this energy to the other person, into the situation, into a shock, and start connecting more from your heart space.

You will evolve tremendously but also the other person…. and then society and then the world.

You are so powerful, your heart is most powerful and the vehicle which creates the shift in the consciousness of this planet. Allow yourself to practice, it is like an exercise and sometimes we need time to develop our heart, strengthen it and heal our wounds just as if you start training at the gym, playing an instrument etc. Give yourself time, be kind and persistent.


You can be assured that this practice is accelerating your healing, your vibration and feelings of deepest joy and peace from within.



Heartmath Created a wonderful Video which explains the vibration of Your heart and its interconnections very beautifully: