Frequently Asked Q & A's

What does the golden Age mean?

The Golden Age has already in the bible been called the thousand year kingdom of peace. It is the Age of the Holy Spirit and the return of the Goddess. We have already experienced High times and High Cultures on this planet. Now is the Time that goddess Gaia, the goddess of the earth has decided to leave the dark age of Consciousness behind.

In 2012 many powerful Light portals have been opened around the entire earth. This happened through meditations, Callings, lightful rituals and prayers of million and millions of active people on the earth together with the divine hierarchies that have dedicated and are still giving their entire love and their entire being to the ascension of this earth and mankind. This collaboration, working hand in hand, this connectedness from heart to heart establishes a golden divine matrix for the entire humanity and the planet. The new Light grid replaces the old consciousness of humanity step by step. The Golden Age is here, now. The golden Matrix of Christ has been installed.

The angels explain: The birth of the Golden Age can be compared to the birth of a child, with the birth of the golden child, the Christ. The child is born. On this earth it needs time to grow until everyone can see what a wonderful human being he is going to be, until the extraordinary talents and abilities of the child can unfold. The Golden Age is born in your heart now.

The Christ consciousness activates itself within you and on the earth. You can tune into the energy of the New golden Age and welcome it with your heart. Your ‘Yes’ grounds the golden light of Christ and manifests itself. You can anquor the golden Age here and now in all your Chakras with your consciousness, that means you activate a golden divine Matrix in your Aura.

Whenever you decide to activate the Golden Age you will activate and live in this process of consciousness of your spiritual intelligence the genius of your higher self. Thus you can step by step realize and redeem all manipulations, programming and karmic energies within yourself. Your perfect radiance is unfolding. In every situation you are in your inner centre, anquored in your heart. Your divine life plan is activating and you live in this golden abundance of the universe.

ARCHANGELMETATRONarchangel_metatron_full_63waWho is Lightlord Metatron of the Metatron Light School?

Metatron is the initiator of the Metatron Light School and introduces himself in a Channeling:

I am the Lightlord of the source. I am the first angel that stands before the throne. Coming from the primordial light I reconnect all beings with the source. I ignite within all beings the “ I am Light of true light” and renew all light structures, the holy geometrics in your light bodies. I raise your light vibration on all levels and activate within you the evolutionary and quantum leap.

Regarding the Diamond Light Priest Training he says:

Beloved this is Metatron, the radiant one and in great joy of my heart I welcome you in the dimensions of the absolute light of the superior divine light spheres in which we exist and operate.

Whenever only one of you is able to connect to the primordial source then you connect the entire system with the primordial source. Therefore you are the key portals of ascension on this earth, living key portals that enable us directly to act and come into your plane. Thus enables us to download and stream in through you as key portals the higher resolution ofthe galactic confederation and the light council of Ain Soph into the field of the human consciousness, the continuum of consciousness. This is how we can intervene on your plane, in your daily life and the entire human consciousness.

This can only happen with every one of you personally as a key portal, as it is related to the free will, which is untouched and holy. It takes your agreement as incarnated Consciousness. Each one of you is a key portal of light, the higher light consciousness flowing in stronger and stronger.