Channelled by Angel Medium Antje Kyria Deva


Follow me, says Lord Sananda, follow me to Ascension.
You have walked through the valley of the shadow of spiritual death for so long and now the time has come to pass through the new doorway of your consciousness the Ascension within you.
And, Beloved, my gift to you is a Light Crystal which I put in your heart. This Heart Crystal is connected with my heart. It is radiating. Whatsoever may come into contact with it, it touches all people and all living beings, animals, plants – all will be touched. It shines forth incessantly. And so it ignites everything around you and you in turn ignite the divine consciousness, you awaken the human souls who are still asleep and who lie in the dust of their consciousness.

And this is my heart’s desire and therefore I tell you, I send you out into the world just as I once spoke to my apostles. It is my desire and my appeal, and you nonetheless know: There is no “must”, there is only love and being there in love to serve the entire creation. So I ask you, it is my wish that wherever you are to act in this divine consciousness. You are aware of ascension and the Oneness of all Brothers and Sisters of Light. Therefore, touch all those people who have not yet entered this Oneness, who are still trapped in sadness, loneliness and in the seeming separation. So it is.

I am the resurrection and life, I am the resurrected presence of God within you. My deepest gratitude to you for your devotion, love and willingness.

We, the Masters of Light from Eternity. And so it is.