Dear Reader,

what does colour mean to you?

Maybe for some of you it brings you joy, happiness?

What is it that brings you joy? Is it nature, an activity, being with someone special or anything else that might have even been started in your childhood.

Personally, I can relate to many of those although I have times in my life where the biggest joy is the loving contact to Ascended Masters, the divine life force- when I am really hearing, feeling and sensing the loving vibration. It is of immense sweetness, gentleness, loving tender care and for me the most blissful experience.

For sure you know this feeling, when you listen to your heart, maybe your gut instinct and a situation turns out just very beautiful and special and sometimes there is this magic silence with it, this vibration and knowing from beyond, the presence of your guardians, angels, of God….

Living in Australia, Queensland we just have come out of a week with lots of stormy weather, heavy rainfalls and two cyclones, one of them called Marcia.

I know how devastating a storm especially a cyclone can be but this time Marcia really took over- actually it wasn’t Marcia, it was the media and everyone commenting especially on social media about being prepared and safe- but there was a fear going around, almost like a common project, a unism in this fear which connected the people in a for me strange way.

Litios Oceania email

I followed the maps of the weather forecast and thought about the power of my Light Crystals here and when to use them but now.

So I went into meditation and asked Ashtar Sheran, a very radiant and lightful extraterrestrial to come with his fleed to assist us with Marcia, so that people are safe and damage will be minimal.

They came and I had the picture of cyclone Marcia being lifted on a higher level, like a new matrix, taken away her initial power and leaving me with a much lighter feeling and picture about the situation. Maybe it sounds strange, but to me it felt so real and I knew we would be safe ( I know many people lost their homes in Yapoon or Rockhampton, streets and houses were flooded, but overall the damage was considerably low and the cyclone has been downgraded from 5 ( the Highest) to 1 continuously and as far as I know, nobody lost their lives!


What if more people connect to the lightful possibilities? Imagine we could have even slowed down the storm totally! I really believe this and it was another great experience for me to trust in the divine and their help. Yes, from fear into love… out of the old matrix into the matrix of the Christ Consciousness… just by intention, connection an heart vibration.

The other story I would like to share, happened this morning.

As Metatron asked us ( myself and two friends who currently have a Merkaba of Ascension in their home here in Australia) in an initiation Channelling by Antje Kyria of one of those Merkabas to bless the earth.

So this morning as I woke up really early I started to meditate, to connect. I just love this morning time before dawn and sat up in my bed, above me my Ascension Merkaba, and felt the energies building up.

For some reasons this amazing continent Australia is very strongly influenced by so called extraterrestrials compared to countries like Africa or South America where there is more black magic energy influence. We elaborate on those energies more in our Lightpriest training and how to redeem and heal those frequencies as Lightworker, Lightpriests here on our earthly mission.

Regarding the extraterrestrial energies I just mentioned above Ashtar Sheran, this radiant lightbeing is perfect to work and heal those influences. You know, nobody really wants to feel this extraterrestrial energy as it is very disruptive, fizzy, cold and like a painful shriek in ones ear but the lightful extraterrestrials come with all their love and embrace those energies in an invite to change their vibration or due to their free will have to go back where they come from.

Maybe some of you have heard about the so called Greys. One group of extraterrestrial beings who have no emotional body and therefore have no feelings. You can imagine this can have its benefits but really, would you like to give away your feelings? The good as the bad?

I remember being a child there was this movie Timm Thaler,  a child sold its contagious and joyful laugh to the devil . It was very scary for me at the time and I still vividly recall the actor who then had this ‘bad laugh’ at the same time feeling sorry for him as he lacked something so fundamental as the human emotions and expressions.


Anyway while I connected to Ashtar – and maybe he could feel my prejudgment regarding those energies, especially the ones called the greys, he said in his lightful and joyful manner full of love to me, imagine them becoming ‘colourful’ in an act of mercy from the divine. It was the most sweet loving sensation that came over my entire being.

Imagine all greys turn into colour, meaning gaining back their fully evolved emotional body,

just when the wall came down in East Germany. Black and White TV changes into colour TV, into life and vibrant life force.

Maybe some of you have experienced travelling from West to East Germany before 1998. This was the experience from a total colourful world into a world which was grey in all its hues also from its use of coal but also due to communism and its approach as it was understood by the governing forces at that time.

And this can happen in no time, just as when the wall came down in 1998. Anything can change in a lightful direction- instantly they told me.

Yes peace can happen on so many level very quickly once we work with the light, once we believe, imagine, long for and feel paradise on earth with all our senses.


a side note : The German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, ( as a friend said : on a mission as an angel from a higher perspective : Angela= Angelos) growing up in East Germany being a communist country and as such learning Russian at school from an early age onwards now uses her knowledge in peace negotiations with the Russian Prime Minister. 


and never forget:


The light works with you as living particels being directed by your imagination and supported by the spiritual world.


Below, you can read the part of the channeling by Kyria Deva  as you can join us in this lightful endevour for all that is as well as for your own life-

your blessing for the earth.

You can do this in any part of the world, just place your hand on your heart chakra:


“And so we have one small request Beloved. The request, that you bless this continent and the earth each day out of your heart. As this Merkaba is so powerful it carries this blessing out.

And this is very easy- ( and you can imagine ) you stand beside your Merkaba or hold any of your Litios Light Tools and you say:

I connect to the heart of God and the heart of the earth,

I connect to the light temple Shamballa

And I activate my Merkaba ( or you can say the Mantra:)

I am my activated Merkaba

And I bless this continent and this earth

in the name of the highest power of light

In the name of Father Mother God,

The Sons and Daughters of God

And the Holy Sprit



I embrace the entire earth with my heart

and then the Golden Flow of grace is pouring through your heart around the earth, into this earth and to all places of suffering, misery and despair.

And this takes only a short time, it takes maybe 3-4 min and you give this earth the highest gift, as you have called upon the flow of grace down to the earth out of the heart of the earth and therefore this flow of grace may also benefit your family, all your beloved ones. You can always include them into this grace and blessing and so you send this flow of grace also backwards through time and space and so you can assist to redeem the karma of your family and so it is Beloved.

This is Metatron with the Holy White Brother and Sisterhood and the Star Brothers and Sisters of Light who serve the ascension of this earth.

The Star Brothers and Sisters-

Yes, so it is.”