HHS Gold Coast, Convention Centre 30.1-1.2.2015

Fr and Sat 10am-6pm/ Sun 10am-5pm


Dear Light Friends!


Litios Light Crystals/ Litios Oceania is looking forward to seeing you again at the Health Harmony and Soul Expo at the Gold Coast! This is one of my absolute favourite show and I can’t wait to reconnect!

Please find us at store 98, come and say ‘Hi’ and how you’ve been :)!

Take a seat under the Metatron Chair!


Hear how it feels like to sit under our Merkaba of ascension

Also watch out for our public meditations with Lightlord Metatron which you can join for free!

Feel how you can release lots of things that you don’t need anymore to move on lighter, more aligned with childlike joy and peace in your heart!

So happy to see you there,



More impressions from last year:

IMG_0281 IMG_0264 IMG_0275