Channelled by Antje Kyria Deva:

Metatron says: Due to recent happenings in Brussels it is absolutely important to meditate for World Peace as we are the Light Custodians of this earth. This means that we, as incarnated hearts of Lights are much more powerful than we could ever imagine.

Easter Meditation:
We (Antje, Edwin, the Litios-Team and other Light Friends) are performing a Meditation for Peace on Good Friday at 3:00 pm
and on Easter Sunday 10:00 am

We are reading two Channelings:

  1. Channeling “A fire storm of God’s love for the refugees

A fire storm of God’s Love for the stream of refugees

  1. Channeling “Love your enemies” ( see below)

Afterwards we are sending the energy of universal peace, of heart opening and of unconditional Forgiveness into the divine heart of all people. During this process golden Christ Portals are being activated all over the earth.

Together we bless the Earth and All That Is.

If you wish you can join us from your home simultaneously and at any other time, by yourself or with friends.

The more people are connecting with one another the more powerful we can manifest these energies on earth. With every additional meditation group or person we open entry portals for the Angels and Ascended Ones.

Thus they can act more powerful through us and for us. This information is also spread through our Partners in other countries so we establish Light portals for peace together in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia


You don’t know God’s wisdom yet, through the grace of God the ones who seem to be your enemies today can be your friends tomorrow. At first they turn against you as they are still remember the dark of their past. Due to the radiance of God the past shows up first and then suddenly a light dawns upon them due to pure grace of God’s heart and they are your friends..
Consider it from this perspective. Don’t view them as offenders but say: ‘ You are all friends of God, friends of the angels, friends of the Light and Star Brothers and Sisters and therefore you are our Light Brothers and Light Sisters.”

This is reality and God’s Truth. And this is also the divine matrix, the source of All That Is: You are all Bothers and Sisters.

We ask you to carry this vision, this light and this energy in your hearts and to ignite it over and over again: This vision that all people of this earth are your brothers and sister. Jesus Christ the Master of Heart would like to guide you to this step. This is the step „Love your enemies“.
You can say:
„Yes, beloved Jesus guide me to this step and help me. Love in my place, whenever I am unable just yet .“

Thus Beloved, you are untouchable, invulnerable and in your reality exist no more adversaries.
You can say:
„Teach me to step into this frequency of Love. Make me radiant and strong in your light and help me to step into this love. Love, in my place, whenever I am not able yet, whenever I am not quite ready.”

And so it is,