Light School by Metatron

Remembering Who You Are Through Metatron & Other Ascended Masters

Light School by Metatron

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The Light School of the Golden Age

The Light School by Metatron is a unique Light School. She has been channelled directly from the higher light dimensions throughout several years. Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Elohim, loving light devas such as sirianic Dolphin devas, Unicorns, golden Master dragons are your direct teachers. Initiators and Chairmen are Lightlord Metatron, Highpriest Melchisedek and Lord Sananda. The contents are crystal clear, easy to practise and integrate in your daily life.

The Metatron Light School offers different Trainings that you can choose from individually such as e.g. the Diamond Light Priest Training, which is the most intense module of all. Besides this others are offered such as the Metatron Merkaba Activation, The Channelling Training, The Goddess Training, Manifesting with Metatron and more.

“ It is our highest wish that you, beloved Light and Star Brothers and Sisters of this Earth, step into your true divine presence to activate the divine reality within you, to be clear and aligned in every situation on this earth and in your Life.” Words of Lightlord Metatron