The Light Wave of Ascension- Meditation with Lightlord Metatron


Lightlord Metatron, channelled by Antje Kyria Deva

Suggestion: Meditation with the Evolutionary Wand

This is the energy of Lightlord Metatron, Highpriest Melchisedek, Lord Sananda and the Light Mastress of eternity, especially: Lady Quan Yin, Lady Rowena, Lady Nada, Highpriestess Isis, Light Mastress Mother Mary.

Light waves are coming from the centre of the galaxy, from the centre of the universe. Light Waves are pouring over, flooding and overflowing this earth, over and over again they are pulsating through the universe and capture this earth. She is being raised, lifted in the flow of the energy, raised on a higher frequency of vibration. In former times those waves of energies have passed by the earth. Nowadays however the portals are opening and the energy is increasingly flowing, increasingly radiating, it is rolling, flowing over this earth, pouring into and through everything. In human words there is no escape as this energy is powerful, present, all penetrating and all suffusing. This energy moves like a wave, again and again new waves of light are pouring in.

Imagine, you are standing at a beach and a powerful wave is rolling towards you. You, however have learnt to use this energy of this wave for you, conduct this energy through you. It carries you higher, you are flowing with this wave, allowing yourself to be carried, you are mastering this wave, surfing this wave. You allow yourself to be carried away by this wave. Everything old below you is being suffused and flooded. You however are rising upwards onto this wave. It carries you upwards, throws you upwards. And the longer, the more you can play with this wave, with this energy. It is flooding your entire system. It is renewing your entire system with its energy. You are able to use this power and energy for yourself. You are like a surfer on the waves of the ocean.

People that see this wave approaching and staying stuck in fear are being flooded, are being pushed down, they are struggling. They loose their orientation- where is above, where is below- as turbulences and rips currents underneath the wave develop. The rip currents carry them also away and they don’t know anymore where they are, where is above, where is below and where to hold onto. They are being carried away as well but the wave is pushing them down. Dangerous currents can carry them away and they feel overtaken and don’t know where to orientate themselves anymore. They couldn’t let go and couldn’t rise upwards, simply allowing the energy of the wave carrying themselves away and using this energy for themselves.

When you are swimming on top of the wave, surfing along on the wave, with the energy of light from the centre of the universe- then it feels easy. Then you are being carried. You can see how everything old is being flooded, carried away. However you are allowing to be carried: It feels euphoric, ecstatic as your system is able to process this energy. You can conduct this energy through you and you can pass it on. And with ease you can pull up many, that are underneath the wave. The energy seems to bestow you with unknown powers.

Still it feels unfamiliar. Sometimes you are scared a bit: Can I stay on top of the wave? Can I keep up with the flow of energy? When you look down and you see the disorientation of so many people it is possible that you fall backwards and your energy collapses. You can’t believe that you can fully use the power of this wave for yourselves. Then you are suddenly sinking. Eventually the wave is withdrawing.

Again a wave of energy is coming. Again you gather all your courage, raising yourself above and you say: this time I succeed, this time I don’t allow myself to be distracted by others, to be pulled down by their energies but above all I focus on learning it myself. On top of the wave you are again full of euphoria, ecstasy, bliss and joy. This joy is carrying you away, everything old is falling off you, attachments disappear. Again it feels unfamiliar- a new territory. An you allow yourselves to step into your power. You have the power, the ability within to master this wave, to being carried by this wave, being raised and being embraced by the wave. You look above and you see: the divine sun radiates above you- and below the energy that carries you further and further away.

The light wave is carrying you away and suddenly it throws you onto the new shore. On a higher level it releases you. It has carries you onto the new shore, in a new age. New dimensions are opening up for you, new possibilities. You have to explore the land, you have to hail to the others that are still buried underneath this wave: Raise yourself above- it is so easy. Allow yourself to be carried. Believe in your abilities. Allow yourself to unfold your entire potential. Allow yourself to be happy, joyful, ecstatic, fully freed. Detach, let go of the old. As the attachments to the old push you down again and again and carry you away with the turbulences underneath the light flow, underneath the light wave.

The light wave is like high voltage from the universe and the point is to receive this energy in joy in your heart, greet this energy in joy and to allow it to flow through your heart and your entire system, to steer and to guide and then it raises you, then the flow is activating in your entire system. Then you are able to use the energy of this light wave for yourselves. And you are able to pass this consciousness on, so that many gain courage and decide themselves.

How long have you been longing for this light and this love throughout the millennia. And now, as it is rolling over this earth unimpededly, unbridled, just as storms, just as perpetual waves, permanently streaming over this earth, now you are a bit disheartened and scared as this light is so powerful. And I is a bit unfamiliar to cope with this light and to move through your daily life and your being.

We tell you: Allow yourself to be raised, again and again. Greet again and again this light and the love that brings the ascension, the ascension into a higher consciousness and that carries you to new shores of consciousness, in new states of consciousness and you transition onto a higher plane, a higher dimension. It is already so real, as so many people are already linked and connected with this new plane- it is already existent. Allow yourselves to exist on this new plane of light, to be as you have the power and love within yourselves. You have everything within, the entire tools to handle this light wave, to use it for yourselves so it raises you, flushes you above away from the old, from the past, from everything that is now crashing and collapsing.

This is an image of the situation and the state of this time. Over and over again waves will come and over and over again old buildings, old systems will collapse. Don’t get too impressed and pull back out of fear into the old currents of the old waters. You are still thinking in the old thinking systems. This can’t stay as it is, I can’t always be happy and joyful- it is not normal.

We tell you: Keep your focus on this energy. Allow it to capture your systems. Greet it with an open heart, with open senses, in gratitude! I thank you Father Mother God that you are opening the gates, that you are sending your entire love, your light above this earth and that you raise the earth.

There will be decisions being made as not all people can open their heart portals. The time is here and the time is ripe. You are ready to accept to absorb this energy in gratitude and to allow your entire system to be flooded.

You have the potential to use this light for you. Let go of the old, the old chains- detach them so that the energy of this light wave can capture you fully and can carry you to the new shores of the new age of the new light of eternity.

This is the time that has been prophesied and you will create this new age with us as a new light consciousness, a new plane of consciousness is emerging. And you are filling it with your love, with your light and your energy as you know: everything is energy, basically everything is emanating from light and love and there is nothing beyond. Therefore, allow yourself being captured, allow yourself being carried.

And if you once are caught up again and flushed down by the old fears, by old issues then smile and allow the next light wave to pull you up again, to carry you up. It takes practise to handle it, to accept this energy fully and to fully embrace it. Once you master it, once you can play with it, you can then help others, contaminate them and pull them upwards. Always step into the energy to pull others upwards, not to allow yourself being ripped downwards by the old mass consciousness, by the old karmic issues of the people that are still imprisoned in their karmic patterns, entangled in their emotional connections.

Simply free yourself and the energy raises you: love and light- there is only energy- that’s how the universe is defined and created. Allow yourself to be flooded and suffused by this energy, allow yourself to be interlinked with the light consciousness of the New Age and you will regain grip, you be on firm ground again on a higher plane of consciousness. You will be carried on new shores that are just as real, more powerful, radiant, more lightful than you could ever imagine.

Look around on your new shore, don’t look back so often but detach.

This wave of light the energy of this New Age is streaming into you and through you. You are One with the wave of ascension, you yourselves are the wave.

So it is Beloved. Stand there with open hearts, open your arms and allow yourselves to be irradiated and shined on by the sun of God, close your eyes and allow yourselves to be carried above. It is that simply. It is the energy of the source, it is the energy of All That is, it is the energy of eternity.


I am One with the Wave of Light- I am the Wave of Light- I am All One.