Are you wondering what Litios Light Crystals and Diamonds are?

What are Litios Light Crystals?


Litios Light Crystals are highly energised Light Tools
that have been infused in a sacred way over a period of time by
Lightlord Metatron, the Ascended Masters and Crystal Angels.

These crystal and ascension energies are a great gift of Lightlord Metatron and the Ascended Masters for the New Age. They guide, accompany and assist you in the ascension process.

Lightlord Metatron, January 2007:
I am activating the crystalline consciousness of light of the New Age within you

Lightlord Surya, June 2004:
Humanity is searching for the Gate of Ascension.  We open a Gate of Ascension within you.

Lightlord Metatron, July 2004:
Just open your Heart Charka and welcome the Crystal Angels streaming into your plane, your dimension, through this Gate of Ascension, and feel the presence of the Divine

Lightlord Metatron, September 2005:
These Light Crystals are purest light prana for soul and spirit.
They area crystal clear spring of the Holy Spirit, that will revitalize and strengthen you.

Introduction and Explanation

Crystal Energies and Crystal Angels played a leading role in the Atlantean temples. However, with the fall of Atlantis this knowledge of Crystal Energies was lost.

Only recently, with the beginning of the New Age, have these crystal clear, pure and enlightening energies returned to Earth, they are entrusted to us – given back.

Archangel Metatron as regent of the Crystal Spheres along with Ascended Masters introduces us to this loving, vivid, all-permeating energy. We receive Light Products (Litios Light products). Their light vibration elevates us to the 7th dimension which begins at the Master Plane and goes beyond. The Crystal Angels lovingly “take us by the hand” and carry us, we will feel the lightness of being that surrounds us.

How are Litios Light Crystals made?

“Litios” is the name of the celestial Crystal Sphere which is reigned by Archangel Metatron “the radiant one”. Archangel Metatron is often called “Melek Metatron” (= king) or “Metatron El Shaddai” (= the one who stands before the Throne). The energy of the living Primordial Crystal “Litios” pervades the entire sphere with its crystalline pureness – it is the divine Primordial Crystal.

Litios Light Crystals receive the energy directly from this crystal clear sphere of light at a specially consecrated place where they are filled with vibrations of light over a certain period of time. Every Litios Light product is completely imbued with crystal energies, creates a connection to the Crystal Sphere “Litios” and at the same time shows an individual characteristic within itself due to the initiation of the Ascended Masters or Archangel Metatron himself. Archangel Metatron and the Ascended Masters Jesus Christ and Melchisedek transferred the spiritual and responsible task to manifest these Crystal Energies as light products to us. Glass or glass fibre is, e.g., a perfect carrier material.

In 2004 Archangel Metatron entrusted us, Edwin and Antje Eisele, with the spiritual-technical implementation and a gateway of ascension, i.e., a direct channel was created. Therefore, Crystal Angels and Ascended Masters are always present, guide us and make the quality and purity of Litios Light Crystals possible. We fulfill this spiritual task with great joy, as we are aware of the fact that we were already entrusted with it in the heyday of Atlantis.

Characteristics and Effect

“Feel the energy of the Crystal Sphere”

All Litios Light Crystals of the New Age harmonize and energise your aura and rooms:

  • they harmonize water veins, harmful earth radiation, fault lines
  • they harmonize technical radiation, e.g. electrosmog, wirless devices, etc.
  • they energize water, food and beverages
  • they create a protective field of light in your aura or in rooms and buildings
  • they suffuse your aura and rooms with pure light energy and create a protective light sphere

Litios Light Crystals are the energy of the Ascension:

  • they assist you in your personal and global ascension process
  • Crystal Angels and Masters accompany you
  • they are purest pranic nourishment for our soul and spirit
  • they connect you with higher dimensions of light, with your Higher Self
  • you gain greater insight, clarity and purity
  • they permeate all structures and energy bodies = the Light Body process
  • they revitalize, free up and activate you
  • they activate your Merkaba, our light body
  • you feel floating, lifted, detached, illuminated by light, carried by angel energy = the lightness of being
  • you come into the flow of life, flowing in the Golden Stream of the Universe
  • you can release and begin anew

All Litios Light Crystals have a crystalline energisation and initiation

Channelling from Archangel Metatron, 12.03.2004
The Primordial Crystal Light

I AM Archangel Metatron. I am one of the creators of God´s Primordial Crystal Light. Purest Primordial Crystal Light is being poured onto you, around you and is flowing through you. The pristine information of love coming directly from the highest Source. Feel it in you and around you – Primordial Crystal Light out of which you were created, out of which the whole universe was created is illuminating and permeating you.

It is the time of awakening. Everything will be awakened and remembered. Cells remember! Spirit remember! Soul remember! Human remember, you were created out of purest love and purest Primordial Light. The memories of the origin are now being activated in you, they are vibrating through you. A powerful: „Remember” from the mouth of God is permeating you. It is the purest word of God flowing through you: Remember, you are Divine consciousness from the most pristine Primordial Source, from the innermost of God´s heart lightened by the Holy Spirit. Yes, your innermost being is holy. Holiness is permeating you.

God´s creation is holy. Immerse into your Holy of Holies. God´s Throne inside you will come alive. His word breathes new life into it, your Divine consciousness and it wants to grow, mightily radiate and permeate everything. It wants to be, it wants to unfold and live, and it is embracing you. It is God´s desire, the yearning for you. Return to light, to your true home! Be what you are: Light from True Light! I, Archangel Metatron, have reconnected you to your true origin, and so be it. Be blessed from our world in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

What are Litios Light Diamonds?

04 Litios Light Diamonds are highly energised Light Tools that have been infused in a sacred way over a period of time by Lightlord Metatron, the Ascended Masters and Crystal Angels.

Diamond Energy Overview

Diamond Energy raises our vibration in the Metaposition, connects us with the Light Consciousness of the Avatars, connects us with the all-seeing Eye of God, activates our Light Vehicle the Mer-Ka-Ba and activates our higher

  • Diamond Energy clears you and guides you into the diamond vibrational frequencies of enlightenment – you are unimpeachable and invulnerable
  • Diamond Energy helps you, if you are willing, to discover and activate your personal divine plan – your calling
  • Diamond Energy connects you with the Enlightened Ones and helps you to expand the Flame of Enlightenment, the flame of the “I Am” within you
  • Diamond Energy helps youto keep our light vehicle, the Merkaba, permanently active
  • Diamond Energy also activates the Merkaba in the chakras as well as the higher chakra portals
  • Diamond Energy increases your energy so intensively that you remain raised in the Metaposition, above the general mass consciousness. You vibrate in a higher grid above all areas and issues
  • Diamond Energy guides you to your own creative power, your own energy, to step even more powerfully into your own Divinity.
  • Diamond Energy is the “Key of the Avatar” and helps you to enter the last, endless gate to All-One-Consciousness
  • Diamond Energy connects you with the all-seeing Eye of God – the all-seeing Eye of God radiates within you – you recognize and see all from the divine perspective and remain elevated
  • Diamond Energy activates your higher chakras as well as your earth chakras
  • Diamond Energy connects you with the enlightened Masters who can de-materialize their bodies into the light – you are connected with the Diamond Light Matrix of the Enlightened Ones
  • Diamond Energy pulls you like a magnet into your inner diamond essence, your inner Divinity: calmness and composure, the Divine Presence expands outwardly = the Diamond “I Am” Flame – you yourself are the Divine Diamond

Difference between Crystal Energy and Diamond Energy

Crystal Energy 

  • Clears our auras and chakras and brings everything up to the crystal light frequencies
  • Our spirit and soul body is crystalline and pure
  • They help us to clarity, focus, realisation and purity out of the highest primordial light
  • They establish the divine connection – you are aligned with the divine source
  • They help you to connect to the divine matrix
  • They activate and anchor the crystalline light body in you
  • Light Crystals will be planted in everything and awakened in all
  • We will be connected back to your Alpha – the original of your Being – everything within you will be awakened and recalled

Diamond Energy 

  • The Lightmaster awakes – the true Divine Life Plan
  • The Merkaba Light Vehicle remains permanently activated
  • Guides us deeply into our Divine “I Am” Flame
  • The pure, divine Diamond that we are is awakened
  • The Divine I Am steers, guides and leads us
  • Guides us into the depth of our true Self – the Throne of God within us guides us
  • Guides us into deep bliss, deep divinity, deep inner peace and stillness – I am that I am
  • I no longer need anything – state of divine, calm presence and deeper inner radiation


  • At least 1 year clearing work with the Crystal Energy, otherwise the potential of the Diamond Energy cannot be fully enfolded
  • Carrying both Energy Frequencies simultaneously or alternating – test this out
  • Both Energy Frequencies are wonderful, important and in the Universe they are both abundant and equally important – therefore, neither one is “better”

Creation of the Light Diamonds

  • Lightlord Metatron and enlightened Masters are permanently present during a Diamond Process
  • Lightlord Metatron lowers his Diamond Cube into the designated room and opens a Diamond Temple for protection
  • The all-seeing Eye of God radiates in
  • The intended Light Diamonds are placed in a room initiated by the spiritual world and permeated with a permanent Merkaba activation

The Diamond Process lasts at least 96 hours (4 days)