Personal Spiritual Coaching

Welcome to my Personal Spiritual Coaching!

Do you feel you would like to be on your true Life Path so you can move forward and become more who you truely are?

I am supporting you in your transformation processes and accompany you with my lightful abilities on your individual Life Path together with the Ascended Masters and Enlightened Ones.

We talk about your Life Wishes and together with the Angels and Masters we find and illuminate all those energies that are not in harmony yet.

You will be guided into your Heart Centre, where you feel home and where you are fully yourself and you learn how to do it yourself.

Life long suffering can be transformed very quickly and efficiently in the light of the New Age, Karma redemption takes place and you are reconnecting to your divine origin.

You see yourself in a new light and feel suffused by your own divinity.

By appointment only: 1,5h = $150.- ( additional 0.5h + $50.-)

Please connect with me via mail: