Space Clearing and Healing

Harmonisation of Living and Working Areas in the New Age with Crystal Energies




Often our living and workspaces have unwanted negative energies and sources of disturbances, which limit our vitality and productivity. This work involves analysing your desired spaces and detecting (medially and through dowsing) the sources of those disturbances and then resolving them through energy work, invocation and the Litios Light Crystals.

It applies to all residential and living areas:

  • Living areas, houses, large buildings
  • Working areas, offices, practices, factories
  • Properties, gardens, landscapes, waters, drinking water

With our high-vibrating Light Crystals we harmonise and vitalise:

  • Water veins
  • Harmful earth radiation
  • Internal and external electrosmog and other technical disturbances
  • Mobile phone base stations, TV SAT systems etc.
  • Spiritual sources of interference
  • Drinking water, bodies of water

A remote analysis or distance consultation for residential and living areas as well as Chakra and aura harmonisation is also possible.

The Litios Light Crystals of the New Age have been infused by Archangel Metatron, the Crystal Angels and the Ascended Masters.

Litios Light Crystals are living divine consciousness which is clearing and energising rooms, buildings and spaces by restoring the original divine harmony.


These powerful Light Tools assist us to strengthen our access to the higher spheres and help us in clearing negative energies in our surroundings and raising the vibrations to a higher and more positive level for the benefit of all.

Please contact Peytrah for more info.