Peace Meditation

The Dove of Peace of the Holy Spirit

channelled by Angel Medium Kyria Deva


Introduction to the meditation:

This is a most powerful Meditation for the peace within yourself and the peace of the earth! The first time this meditation was channelled it even changed the plans of the US government in a more peaceful direction.

When you are ready to take on a change within yourself and to transcend and transform all ego issues, to let go and release the old,  like for example when you act as a projection screen for other people you realise that there are still points of resonance within you regarding this specific issue.

When you search within yourselves, you can ask, where do you have resonances to these old issues? Allow now that this energy emerges from your inner most being so that transcendence can occur through Lightlord Metatron himself, through Lord Sananda with his golden flame of redemption, through Saint Germain with his violet flame of eternal life within you. It is allowed to show itself, to dissolve in this divine flow of the avatar energy. This flow circulates through you and everything old that the ego has not yet let go of now flows away from you. We are willing to let this go now and accept a transformation within you.

When you are fully in the flow of eternal life, then there is no longer any pain because the ego has realised: I am in the flow and am now allowed to elevate to the next level, to a higher position.


Lightlord Metatron speaks:

Let us assume that today is your day of transition into a higher plane and that you leave this Earth behind. Visualize yourself leaving this Earth. With whom or what would you like to make peace? What is it that you do not want to take with you? Communicate with those people in your mind now. Send them your love together with the goddesses, together with Saint Germain, the chairman of the Karmic Council, together with me, together with Lord Sananda, the divine Master of Hearts of Eternity, and together with Mother Mary. Who appears before your inner eye? Speak to them now.


Visualize yourself letting go from this Earth, saying goodbye, being in harmony with everything and leaving this Earth in peace. This is your soul’s desire. Who or what image appears before your inner eye now? Make peace with it and restore harmony with all those people now. Hand them the bond of divine peace. Send Archangel Gabriel, the angel of peace. Send Saint Germain. Send Mother Mary with her forgiving love. Send Lord Sananda with his frequency of ascension and behold harmony and peace.


Tell every single one: You may stay as you are. It is all right and I am at deepest peace with you in my heart. Everything is good the way it is. You don’t have to adapt to me. You may stay as you would like to be. I am at peace with you. Send them a dove of peace into their hearts. The Holy Spirit is within you and with you. The Holy Spirit brings you divine peace. Send the Holy Spirit into their hearts, grace their hearts with the dove of peace. When you follow your path within, when you rise above everything from within, you even thank those people as you have grown with their help. Due to this resistance you were able to recognize your own inner resistance and were able to grow. There are no reproaches and evaluations. Peace across all borders – unlimited peace in your hearts.


Inhale the energy of peace from the Holy Spirit. It is the divine dove of peace that brings you this peace. It is descending powerfully. The wings of the Holy Spirit are powerful, and so is the dove of peace within. Be the ambassadors of divine peace, be the initiates of this divine peace of the Holy Spirit. Be the peace ambassador of heaven on this Earth and send this message to all hearts, to everyone who appears before your inner eye. Peace across all borders.

Everything is bathed in this divine peace. All your issues or conflicts have transformed, they no longer have power over you, they no longer exist as they are redeemed in this divine peace, they completely disappear as if they had never happened – you have learned and those people have learned from you. It has served them. Cover all conflicts with this dove of peace as if you would cover yourself with a soft blanket that dissolves and redeems everything. It is like a disease or an ulcer that is healed by divine medicine: the divine dove of peace brings the healing frequency for this interpersonal matter. It is as if it had never happened. Everything is at peace and in harmony until your soul and every chakra is completely peaceful on all levels.

This dove of peace was hovering over Jesus Christ and was always with him: the Holy Spirit was with him, and so it is with you.

This peace, which prevails between all beings in the universe, represents living in absolute freedom as a divine being. When you grant every human being this freedom, when you are at peace with the decision of every human being, you can redeem everything within you throughout space and time and you will be at peace.

Instill this energy of peace in you and in your inner conflicts or in situations that you could not handle, wherever you are not at peace, wherever you are unsatisfied. Be it even trivial things as for example your weight, simply all those insignificant daily issues. Send the dove of peace to all your own struggles, to your inner unhappiness and inner tensions. Feel yourself and perceive.

The Holy Spirit is descending, the divine dove of peace is coming with all its power, beginning to get the root of these conflict energies and allowing the soul to disentangle itself from Earth with ease so that it may leave this Earth behind peacefully – so that it may be at peace with this Earth. It is a wonderful state, Beloved, when you could or are able to enter into this inner peace every moment of your life.

Furthermore, you may ask yourself: What do I regret not having experienced? What do I regret not doing or having missed?

Feel it and listen inside yourself and ask this question: What would I still like to accomplish? What is still important to me so that I can say: Yes, this is what I have accomplished and I am a little proud of it. This is what I have also done. This is what I have actually achieved.

What would you like to take with you as your laurels to be even more satisfied or even prouder?

Look at it from the all-seeing Eye of God and the energy of the dove of peace. Is there anything that is still important to you in this life? Is there anything you would like to overcome?

Perhaps there is a minor energy that still keeps you back and ties you to this Earth?

This is a wonderful self-reflection, Beloved. The divine dove of peace is within you and with you, and this divine dove of peace will pick up the soul on the last day of its earthly life if it is at peace, saying:Come with me to the kingdom of the Holy Spirit. I gift you with the wings of the Holy Spirit. Come with me. This mighty dove of peace, powerful and large, carries the soul to the realms of bliss and the kingdom of the Holy Spirit.

I, Metatron, pose this question to all those hearts: Is it your wish to participate with the Holy Spirit, with the Holy Spirit deriving from the supreme spirit of God? Is it your wish to be in unison with the Holy Spirit? Would you like to finally enter into divine peace with All That Is? Is your heart ready? Then say “YES” and God, the Almighty One, is with you and graces you with the wings of the Holy Spirit.

So it is, Beloved.