Crystal Angel Pendulum Workshop


Dates: Litios Light Center Oceania/ Sunshine Coast

Friday 31. October, 9.00am-12.00pm

Dates:  The Healing Farm, Terranora/ Gold Coast ,

Saturday 29.November, 2.00 pm-5.00 pm


In this powerful 3 hour workshop you learn how to use your pendulum successfully together with the angels. You will experience first hand how easy, effective and crystal clear the use of a Pendulum with the guidance of the angels really is, deepening your personal light work.

You will learn what it requires to use the pendulum successfully. You will have the opportunity in many exercises to gain knowledge which you can apply in your daily life for the benefit of yourself, your family and friends.

Product Description

Using The Pendulum with the Angels


Have you ever wished to use a pendulum successfully?

Have you ever wanted to find out about your aura, places, foods, which supplement you really need?

Using the Pendulum with the help of the Angels expands your perception and is very empowering.

You have the delightful opportunity to choose your personal Litios®Crystal Angel Pendulum. Feel the Angel Pendulum responding to you.

Come and join Lightlord Metatron and many crystal Angels in this 3 hour workshop

Read more about and purchase your very own Crystal Angel Pendulums here.


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