Crystal Angel Pendulum
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Crystal Angel Pendulum


Using a Pendulum with the angels

  • Connection to Lightlord Metatron and your personal angel
  • Your light work is supported and guided by angels
  • Receive answers from your angel – easy and effective
  • Deepens and intensifies your intuition and inspiration
  • Clear focus, precision and lightness when using the pendulum
  • Energies can be transmitted through this pendulum

Product Description

Using a Pendulum with Angels


Spiritual Potential

The Litios Crystal-Angel-Pendulum attracts pure and highest light vibrations with lightness and clarity.

Crystal Angels accompany you when working with your pendulum. It eases and strenghtens your intuition and inspiration. Your perception will be expanded.

You will receive answers from the highest light that serve you on your light- and life path.


Possible Uses

The Litios Crystal-Angel-Pendulum helps you analyze vibrations of different energies:

Chakras, energy bodies, rooms, buildings, places, food, energetic products etc. Communicate with your spiritual guidance in clarity and lightness. Connect with your spiritual guidance through your Crown Chakra. Allow the pendulum to oscillate gently. Ask precise questions, e.g.:

  • Which Light Crystal does support me in my current life situation?
  • How do my chakras vibrate? (check out each chakra)
  • Are there any extraneous energies in my aura? Yes – No
  • Indicate the vibration of my sleeping place, my home, apartment, working place …
  • Is this kind of food wholesome for me? Yes – No
  • Check out a list of food supplements: Which one is important for me?
  • Check out an interesting book: Which book can assist me in my spiritual progress?

and more




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