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Crystal Chip


Crystal Technology

Harmonisation of mobile Phone radiation and small electronic devices such as MP3 players

  • Connects you with the illuminated, Primordial Thought of God
  • Fills places with Primordial Light and divine information, the perfect harmony of creation
  • Kindles the “Let There Be Light”
  • The whole creation, the atmosphere, the ground remembers the perfect, harmonious and natural state
  • Balance, harmony and order will be restored

Product Description

Crystal Technology


Spiritual Potential

Archangel Metatron lovingly puts the divine Primordial Thought into these Crystal Cards – the power of the Flower of Life. Everything that gets in touch with these Crystal Chips will be filled with radiance, purity and Primordial Light. They harmonize all kinds of radiation and programming.


Possible Uses

Harmonisation of small appliances, e.g., cell phones, mp3-players, et.

The Crystal Chip is transferrable!


Excerpt from the Initiation Channeling

by Lightlord Metatron:

The original, harmonious state as it is immanent in nature can be restored. Everything surrounding you, the atmosphere, the ground – everything around you receives this information, as it is permanently connected with God’s primordial thought of creation, incessantly filling the whole environment with powerful radiance and purity.

And the more you participate in this process and lovingly stand up for it, the more wonderful the results will be. It will manifest more intensively and faster, nature will be grateful, yes, everything surrounding you, the whole creation!

So this is ideal for everything that is polluted or contaminated, anything that was robbed of its perfect, harmonious state – its pristine, natural state.

It is the information of the Divine Thought of Creation which envelopes everything that exists! The quintessence of creation.


Additional Information

Dimensions 5mm cm


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