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Spiritual Potential:

Key of the holy White Brotherhood – entrance key to the Light Academy of God – teaches you to be One and merge with the consciousness matrix of high vibrating Light Beings – the next octave of your Merkaba is ignited – the energy bodies and the cell consciousness are harmonized, they connect with one another and open themselves to the light – the aura layers are activated to the highest galactic light body, meaning the Christ Light Body is activated – the key to the primordial matrix of the Adam Kadmon primal body – the connection to the primordial creation temple of the Elohim – intensive effect during spiritual treatments.

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Product Description

The Key to the Holy White Brotherhood


You enter into the primordial creation temple of the Elohim. Seraphim, Elohim, Archangels, Avatars, Goddesses, Space Brothers and Sisters and many other high vibrating Light Beings unite with you, with your consciousness matrix. They transmit information to you, their divine potential and their specific gifts and skills. You are accepted into the Light Academy of God.

Possible Uses:

During a meditation, you may put the Flower of Life Sphere underneath you, in front of you or at a suitable place above you – you may also hold it in your hands. Go into connection through your heart to the primordial creation temples of the Elohim. During a spiritual harmonization, place the sphere at the Root Chakra of the client.


Excerpt from the Channelling by Lightlord Metatron and the Elohim of Creation:

This is the key to the primordial creation matrix, the key to the holiest room of the primordial creation. It is the primordial creation temple in which the crystalline primordial human, Adam Kadmon, was created, and where the resurrected and ascended Christ Human returns, to receive the last initiation. The eternal life refreshingly and revitalizingly floods in endless streams your physical body and your entire being. It represents holy streams, rejuvenation and re-birth.

The endless love of the primordial creation lords and goddesses are present. They speak: We are the Elohim. Our Elohim aspect is immersed in you and ignited. The Elohim aspect is impacting you. It structures, reactivates and renews all creative components and structures in a divine way. This induces even more love within you for all of creation. The point is to see and recognize the divine revelations on all levels as being primordial, pure and divine.

A holy room emerges and we transfer the primordial creation matrix into you with absolute divine perfection. It is the 12 strand genesis spiral in which the male and female primordial body of this species is engraved in perfect purity. The primordial light bodies pulsate and radiate alternatingly anew and sing the song of their specific creation. The sequence of tones is transferred into you, the melodies of the primordial creation. The divine colour rays pulsate and alternatingly flow through your genesis structure and so the divine colour sequences are transferred to you, followed by the divine order of things and the sacred geometry. We give you back the primordial light connections to the All-That-Is, to the stars, to the planets and the suns. We activate the alignment and the star maps that originally belonged to the primordial light body.


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