Dragon Pendant diamond


Activation of your Creation Powers, diamond vibration


Spiritual Potential

  • Dragons are superior Light Devas and connected with Highpriest Melchisedek. 
  • Golden Light and Masterdragon ignite their heart diamond and radiate in you 
  • The diamond potential of the golden master dragons 
  • Very good grounding and opening of your earth chakras 
  • Activation of your Kundalini and creation powers 
  • For the manifestation of your ideas
  • Dragons are guards and regents of the elements. 
  • Redemption of Karma of all when you abused creation or experienced  through elemental forces
  • Transformation of miscreation and failure.  Fall and destruction through the abuse of your creation powers throughout time and space. 
  • Redemption of your deepest and most inner fears through the fire of the dragon deep down into your earth chakras. 

The golden Master dragons, the carrier of the living Primordial flame of creation transfer their powerful and warming vibrations in your aura. They activate their heart diamond in you and help you to overcome and master your primordial fears. The holy flame of the  kundalini fire is ignited within you by their dragon fire and thus they ignite your creation and manifestation powers. Dragons are strong protector powers and watch the purity of your heart. They are very much inclined to children and childlike pure souls, e.g. awaken this within you. Children and teenagers love the strength and power of dragons- the light dragons transfer their energy of strength, courage and self confidence to you.

Product Description

How to use it:

As a pendant in your aura, for energy work, harmonising and stabilisation of chakras and as a powerful protective pendant. You can wear the diamond dragon in your aura and powerful energy is suffusing your aura. You can place it for a meditation on a certain chakra, hold it or place it in front of you.

Excerpt of the Initiation Channeling

of the golden Master Dragons

We, the diamond master dragon want to help you by igniting your creation powers, your kundalini powers so that your earth chakras with all those fears from below are burnt in the fire of the dragon. They are purified as long as you realise, deep within, that fears are only illusion. In reality and deepest truth you already possess the entire light and creation powers within yourself to master everything. Fears are little stones of memory, programmed experiences that you encountered along your way. They are petrified energies that don’t allow you to be opened immediately. They are engraved and manifested energies within you.

However the kundalini fire is ignited through the pure love to all creation. Whatever you may have encountered, experienced or suffered on earth, independent of all, the pure love to All That Is, is existent to all beings, all humans, to the flora and fauna, to all waters and minerals.
This pure love, which is within you, ignites the kundalini fire anew. It is multiplied, enhanced and lifted together with our dragon fire.The rest of all old fears are burnt in this fire, in this primordial fire of creation in this manifestation fire that has been ignited. Similar as deep heat can melt everything, this dragon kundalini fire can break open even the most petrified structures of fear.

Then your creative manifestation powers and your creative potential is fee, nothing is left in their way, as everything was illusion. Fear is an energy of illusion. The superior equivalent is the light, the creation, the love and almightiness of God.

Additional Information



High quality, finely cut zirconia pendant,
Facetted in red-orange with “Light Dragon” genuine golden inlay,
comes with bail for hanging

Diamond energisation and initiation

Diameter: 3.3 cm
Depth: 6 mm


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