Light Surgery- Spiritual Healing and Reconstruction of your physical body


Light Surgery- Spiritual Healing and Reconstruction of your physical Body

given by Lightlord Metatron

Awaken the master presence of our physical body, connect to the master consciousness of your physical body

In this very sacred ceremony Lightlord Metatron and many other Ascended Masters, The Holy White Brotherhood, the Venusians, the Goddesses and many more work together with your physical consciousness in an individually prepared Diamond Light temple.


Product Description

Light Surgery

without physical contact

Light Surgery serves the illumination of our physical body and raises its vibration.

We work with a channelled spiritual technology  given by Lightlord Metatron which is applied without the physical touch.
The Light Frequencies of Lightlord Metatron and ascended Light and Star physician will be vibrated and anquored into the micocosmos of the physical body

The Sequence of a Light Surgery

  1. Connecting with the angels and in connection with your Higher Self we check the vibration of your body parts (and if applied further parts of your light body) which are intregrated into the Light surgery. As a perfect aid we mostly use a consegrated Pendulum.
  2. Connecting with your Higher self and your body consciousness I place the perfect Light Crystal to or on your different body parts/ Aura
  3. Now I guide you into a Meditation and spiritual Light Surgery, which means I establish a channel into the highest light spheres and describe whatever you may visualise. Guided by the angels we will perform the Light Surgery together.

Application of Litios Light Crystals:

  • Redemption of estraneous Energies and any Hooks
  • Dissolving of Programms and Manipulations
  • Transformation of Blockages and negative Influences
  • Illumination of your physical Body, your Light Bodies ( Aura) and issues / areas of your life with the Golden Flow of the Universe


Regarding Meditations and spiritual Healing Sessions:

Our spiritual Healing Sessions ,e.g. the spiritual healing serves the activation of your self healing powers and doesn’t replace the diagnosis or treatment of a health professional such as a physician or naturopath. We don’t diagnose, whether medical or psychological and we don’t promise healing success. Each client has to decide self responsible  whether  participation of a spiritual healing session or remote healing is in alignment with the clients physical and psychological condition.

We inform that any self healing process activated through  energy work may cause temporary aggravation.


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