Meditation with Lightlord Metatron

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Lightlord Metatron, Ascended Masters and many Cystalline Angels are creating a Diamond Light Temple, an illuminated, highly vibrational space around us, where you can feel safe and comfortable to let go and to simply ‘be’.

What you will experience: You are bathed in the Light of the Angels, you can handover and transform issues you no longer need or want to hold onto in your life. When the issues are removed from your lightbody this allows those spaces to become illuminated and filled with the crystalline light. Each meditation is the purest nourishment for your soul, chakras and lightbody.

What it feels like: It is like coming home. You feel centred, aligned, peaceful with a wonderful inner joy that you might have experienced last as a child.


1 review for Meditation with Lightlord Metatron

  1. 5 out of 5


    Hi Peytrah. I send Loving Blessings to you following our wonderful Meditation this morning. What Joy to receive the answers which have allowed me to release the blocks from my writings! I love how our Energies are so easily able to link and empower.
    During today’s Meditation I was gifted a vision so pure and filled with Unconditional Love & Joy. A multi-petalled Lotus Flower opened to reveal myself standing in my Goddess self. Standing before me was Archangel Michael, gently protecting me with his arms and wings spread. Golden and White Light flowed down to and through us, continuing to include the Lotus Flower. The radiance was so pure, powerful and full of Love.
    This was a clear message to me to allow the words/Love to flow , nurturing all as Mother Earth so Graciously does, always. My platform is The Lotus Flower…
    Infinite Unconditional Love & Gratitude and Light Blessings to you, Mother Earth, Archangel Michael , The Lotus Flower and any others who assisted for the Awakening… Lorrie, Sunshine Coast

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