Awaken the Goddess within Litios Oceania Intensive

Heal, raise and empower your Goddess within

Diamond Heart of the Goddesses

In this 3 hour Intensive we connect to Mother Mary and her all encompassing love that assists you in healing any trauma, forgiving and truly loving yourself. She has experienced all hardship of the world and understands all your pain and hurts. In the spiritual realm she has been given a special place and whoever connects with her, comes to her with a sincere hard: “Mother of my soul please pour your grace upon me’, and you see miracles unfolding.

Lady Rowena another powerful goddess steps in with her powerful light sword into our here and now. She helps you to clear blockages from within and outside that don’t serve you any longer. Feel the courage she activates within you to truly step into your power and move forward to assist in the awakening of your own life and the earth.

This is a wonderful and powerful Litios Intensive! Suitable for women and men who would like to heal their inner divinity and reveal her magic and great wisdom!




  • Litios Light Centre Oceania/ Sunshine Coast

Cost: $130.00 per person


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