The Christ Consciuosness Intensive


We are transcending in a higher dimension and Jesus the Christ has activated this process 2000 years ago. He is the Master of heart, your Master of Heart and he activates the Christ Consciousness within you.

Feel yourself reconnected to and based within your heart, experience your whole being being illuminated, risen and uplifted.

Feel the restructuring of your lightbodies and the grace and mercy that Jesus the Christ brings when he enters this plane.

Experience the true and joyful Christ-mas, this sacredness, this stillness, this glory-

the coming of Christ here and now.

Do you feel a call in your heart? Maybe you walked with him before when he was here on earth?
You will receive a deep inner knowing, a deep healing of your heart and a deep joy that shines from within you wherever you go to spread the Christ Consciousness!



  • Litios Light Centre Oceania/ Sunshine Coast
  • Friday 12. December , 9am-12p

Cost: $130.00 per person


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