Connect with your Light Family Litios Oceania Intensive

Feel your star roots activated


Asthar Sphere diamond

Do you know where you come from? Do you love looking at the night sky and watch the stars? Have you ever be touched by the pure light of your star family?

In this Litios Oceania Intensive your Light Star Brothers and Sisters will come into the room and reactivate your connection. You will feel a great way of belonging, of unconditional love, a sense of adventure as they connect with you. Often you receive codes of what is your true life purpose to contribute here on earth. Innumerous new possibilities are flowing in, solutions that are coming from our light brothers and sisters that heal the earth, are solutions to our energy and environmental issues and much more.

The Earth and we are in this deep transformation process. Everything will be renewed and cleared. Relationship will have a deeper level of being, our work is to enfold as our true life path and our Light Family from ascended Planets are our perfect guides.

Come and rediscover the feeling from home, the unconditional love from your true family.


  • Litios Light Centre Oceania/ Sunshine Coast
  • Friday

Cost: $130.00 per person

or use your special!

Special: 2 for 1, bring a friend and share this empowering experience!

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