Diamond Lightpriest Training By Metatron part 1,2,3

Diamond Lightpriest Training By Metatron part 1,2,3

Metatron Diamond Light Priest Training –

Light Body Activation and Harmonisation in the Crystalline Light of the New Age 
with Lightlord Metatron and the Ascended Masters

Training Duration: 3 x 3 days

Intention of the Training

The Metatron Diamond Light Priest Training is an exceptional seminar series, which participants have described as life changing, inspiring and empowering. It will activate and expand your individual heart contact to your spiritual guidance, the Archangels and the Crystal Angels, the Ascended Masters and the lightful Space Brothers and Sisters. Your higher light consciousness and your true light path will be activated for the New Golden Age.

You will be given a crystal clear technique – the Intuitive Light Body Reading – to evaluate the state of the chakras and energy bodies intuitively and be able to harmonize them. You yourself will experience this transformation and cleansing throughout the seminar. Archangels, Ascended Masters and other lightful beings will work directly with your light bodies. You will be able to release those things that prevent you from going into your own power and connecting to the higher spheres. Your divine life plan will be activated and anchored in the here and now.

During the course of this training you receive direct guidance from Lightlord Metatron, Highpriest Melchisedek and Lord Sananda. Your personal heart contact to your spiritual guidance, the Archangels, the Crystal Angels, the Goddesses, the Ascended Masters, the Avatars, the Star Brothers and Sisters and Light Devas are activated and deepened.

Your higher Light Consciousness and your divine Light Plan is anchored in your here and now.

This training is the most intensive and comprehensive that Litios offers to date. The Litios Founders received their training directly from Archangel Metatron and other Ascended Masters over the years and they have built these into the Light Priest Training in compact form. It is the wish of Lightlord Metatron that all completing this training will receive the same initiations and activations from the Light and Star Brothers and Sisters that the Litios founders themselves received.

Lightlord Metatron wishes, that you

  • step into your true divine potential
  • learn to activate and stabilise the higher light consciousness anytime
  • can consciously manifest your divine presence, your master presence
  • clearly follow your divine life’s path, your heart’s path
  • live your true light power on this earth
  • communicate, ie. learn to channel so that you can contact the angels, the Light and Star Brothers and Sisters and your own spiritual guidance at any time.

Training Content Summary

  • Litios Light Crystals and Light Diamonds of the New Age
  • Crystal energy in Lemuria and Atlantis
  • The Crystalline Light Body
  • Harmonisation and energising living and work spaces
  • Earth healing and water harmonisation
  • Karma transformation and releasing with deep meditations
  • The spiritual evolution of humanity and the ascension process
  • Working with Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Medial evaluation of the aura and energy bodies and their harmonisation
  • Medial evaluation of the 7 main chakras & the higher chakras including their harmonisation
  • Connecting to your Higher Self
  • Redeeming and transforming programs in the matrix
  • The Divine Matrix – the key of Metatron
  • Activating the Merkaba, the Diamond Light Vehicle
  • Activation of the individual channel and channelling basics
  • Initiations by Light Lord Metatron, High Priest Melchizedek, Lord Maitreya, Lord Krishna, Lord Sananda, Mother Mary, Adonai Ashtar and the Ascended Masters of the Universal White Brotherhood, Archangels and Seraphims.
  • Initiation in the Diamond Energy of the Avatars
  • Initiation as Diamond Light Priest
  • Many practical exercises and partner exercises 


Training of Content in Detail


Part 1The Unified Heart Chakra – Opening the Energetic Circle

  • Crystal Energy in Atlantis – the Gate to Atlantis
  • The Gate to Lemuria – El Morya and the High Priests of Lemuria
  • Going into the heart – the Unified Heart Chakra System
  • The main chakra system – the energy bodies
  • Procedures for aura harmonization
  • Releasing – redeeming/transforming – illuminating
  • Resolving blocks and programs in the energy of the New Age
  • Crystal energy in the aura
  • Initiation with the Melchisedek Wand – freeing of black magic energy
  • Initiation with the Evolutionary Wand – the crystalline light channel
  • The Flower of Life – activating the diving matrix in the chakras and energy bodies
  • Contact to Adonai Ashtar and the Star Brothers and Sisters
  • Clearing and releasing negative extra-terrestrial energies and manipulations
  • Meditations, initiations and channellings with Archangels and Ascended Masters

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Part 2 – Opening the Higher Chakras – The Higher Light Channels


  • The light wave of the ascension
  • Divine alignment with High Priest Melchisedek
  • The new light consciousness – the Divine Matrix
  • Resolving programming of the consciousness of humanity
  • Karma releasing in the energy of the New Age
  • House harmonization with Litios Light Crystals – the crystalline light temple in your home
  • Activating the Merkaba on all levels – the expansion of your light presence.
  • Higher chakras and earth chakras – activating a mighty light channel up to the Divine Throne
  • Connecting with your Higher Self
  • Meditations, initiations an channellings with Archangels and Ascended Masters
  • Many practical partner exercises and applications.

Book your spot here:http://litiosoceania.com/product/light-priest-training-by-metatron-part-2/#sthash.HQdxRSYK.dpbs

New Dates Part 2 : 

1.4- 3.4.2017 Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia


Part 3 – Diamond Light Priest Initiation – Initiation in the diamond frequency of the Avatars


  • Initiations and opening of gates with Lightlord Metatron, High Priest Melchisedek and Lord Sananda.
  • Earth Chakras, Higher Chakras and the extended Chakra System – stabilizing and alignment.
  • Activating the golden flow of the Universe – manifesting with Metatron
  • The frequency of the Avatars and Goddesses of Eternity – the Diamond Frequency
  • The Great White Brotherhood and the Avatar Diamond Set
  • The Higher Self – integration of the lightful aspects
  • The Diamond Light Vehicle
  • Initiation to Diamond Light Priest – the diamond temple
  • Handing over of a personal Light Diamond
  • Introduction to channelling, channelling exercises
  • Many practical partner exercises and applications
  • Meditations, initiations and channellings with Lightlord Metatron, High Priest Melchisedek, Lord Sananda, the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star Brothers and Sisters, Goddesses and Light Devas.

At the end of the training (Part 3) you will receive a Certificate.


Metatron speaks about the Light School of the Golden New Age

Beloved Ones, this is Metatron the Radiant One and with great joy in my heart I welcome you to the dimensions of absolute Light of the greater divine Light Spheres in which we exist and work.

When only one of you is able to connect yourself with the Primordial Source, then you connect the entire system with the Primordial Source. This is why you are the key portals of the Ascension on this Earth – lively, evolving key portals that allow us to directly intervene, to download and stream in the higher resolutions of the World Council, the galactic Confederation and the Light Council of Ain Soph through you as key portals, into the field of consciousness of humanity, into the consciousness continuum.

This can only work through you as a key portal, as this is directly related to your free will which is holy to us and is to remain intact. It requires your consent as incarnated beings. Therefore each one of you is a key portal of light, allowing the higher light consciousness to stream in ever more powerfully.

Welcome Channelling from Metatron during the Diamond Light Priest Training

Beloved ones, this is Metatron the Radiant One. Together with the Ascended and Enlightened Ones throughout all time and dimensions, the Choir of Angels, and countless illuminated beings from your personal light family, I enter this time and space to initiate the Light Priest Training. We enter into the here and now in this Light Temple that we have erected for the next days. The light of this Light Temple should continue to accompany you into your golden future.

At the beginning of this training I wish to pose the following question:

What does it mean to be a Light Priest?

It means: To be an ambassador on Earth for the highest light, an authorized representative appointed with divine powers of authority in order to act here on this earth, to open portals, undertake blessings, liberate humanity, release the old and the things of the past that you no longer need, to step forward and pave the way for humanity here on Earth.

These powers of authority, liberations and portal openings occur initially within you yourself. Out of the great love in our hearts, we transfer to you powerful clearings and empowerments. We can then see these in your auras. Illuminated beings throughout the universe perceive this, are able to see this. So we are once again One – as it was in days of old, so it is now and always will be.

We awaken the radiant presence of your true divine identity, your true divine essence within you. That which you truly are should once again shine, should awaken. We elevate you: “Rise out of the dust of the millennium. Stand up, align yourself upwards. Be a sincere, authentic being of light of the New Age that points out the way for the Earth!”

For everything that happens within you, happens simultaneously on a higher, multidimensional plane. Everything is connected with everything. This is the divine reality. I carry the key to divine reality, the divine matrix within me and I, Metatron, ignite it in you and place it in your hearts. Just as it was at the beginning of your being, so it is once again: the lost key returns. It is the divine matrix, the primordial light connection, the All-One-Consciousness. And so it shall be in your golden future.

These are the words out of our hearts, spoken with great love, given back as a gift to you and once again reactivated in your here and now in this lifetime, in all that you are. And here great blessings from the Divine Heart are given out of the almighty Love of God. And so it is beloved ones.

It is an honour and a great joy, the highest joy of our hearts, to see the souls awaken and blossom, to be able to witness and help as they reclaim their radiating power. From our hearts you are welcome into our midst, from you to you, from light to light, from heart to heart, from truth to truth. Amen. So it is


What results will you achieve in the Diamond Light Priest Training?

The Metatron Diamond Light Priest Training has a practical orientation with many exercises to anchor the content being taught. When you return home, you can immediately use it in your daily life.

You will be given a crystal clear technique
– the Intuitive Light Body Reading

which will help you to evaluate the state of the chakras and the energy bodies intuitively and be able to harmonize them. In this way, your Crystalline Light Body will be built up step-by-step. The training additionally includes the harmonisation and energisation of living and working spaces.

You will learn to ascertain who or what is blocking you up to now and is hindering you to go into your own power. Once you are freed and independent of old manipulations, then advancements in your life become quickly visible.

Angels and Ascended Masters work directly in your Light Bodies and accompany you. This reactivates and expands your talents and abilities. The direct heart contact to your personal spiritual guidance will be established. This heart contact is a connection via your aura which, like the redial button on your phone, can be activated whenever you wish it to be. Then your own divine life plan will become more apparent both in the outer world as well as in the innermost part of your soul.



What does the ‘Golden Age’ mean?

The new Golden Age has already been mentioned in the bible as the 1000 year reign of Christ and peace. It is the Age of the Holy Spirit and the return of the Goddess. It is the Age of the golden Christ. The Christ Consciousness is activating within you and on this earth. It overcomes, or we would say it transforms the old human consciousness, the old Matrix.

Many argue, whether it started in December 2012.

However, it is a fact that a mighty light portal has opened above the entire earth.

The Time is here. The exact timing is not important but the adjustment of our vibration into the energy of the Golden Age and to welcome this energy from our heart. By you saying ‘Yes’ , it is able to manifest itself and the golden light of Christ can be grounded.

No matter when humanity as a whole will arrive in the Golden Age, you, in you’re here and now, can already anchor the golden Age within your consciousness in all your Chakras, which means to activate the golden divine matrix in your aura.

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It is like in an earthly school. Some students are more advanced then others. This appllies also for the process of Consciousness and the Ascension into the Golden Age.

You will activate and live your spiritual intelligence e.g. your Supra Intelligence , the genius of your higher self, the high self energy in the here and now, you will anchor it in every Chakra, in your entire being and consciousness.

This means the highest bliss for you on this earth.


What does it mean to anchor your Higher Self here on earth?

*Activation of your divine life plan, your golden divine matrix and  to life out of this abundance

* Being anchored in the Unified Heart Chakra, this means being anchored in your heart in any situation

* Activation of your full radiance

* Final redemption of karmic energies

* Realisation and Redemption of all manipulations and programs

* Activation of new codes and reconnection to the divine primordial plan of your evolution


Are you ready for the Diamond Light Priest Training?

Feel the answer within yourself.

You will learn to work effectively, structured and deep within the soul. This means also to work throughout time and space.

If an honest self-reflection and look into your heart shows you that there is still room for movement forward in your life, that old issues from past lives as well as from this one still effect you, even if you have been actively on the spiritual path for years or even decades, if you experience that much is still not resolved, if you ask for help from the deepest part of your heart and ask for actual redemption not just on the surface for you yourself but that truly everything in your environment is included and can also experience a lightful redemption, if you can say: “I wish to experience the deepest part of my soul, my true being, here on Earth”, then you are ready for the Diamond Light Priest Training.

This Lightpriest Training serves you to move forward in this lifetime, truly anchored in the light and to manifest it here in this Life. Immediately you will experience lightful changes in your inner and outer world. The above will manifest itself immediately in the below, in your life. It is for all those souls who are able to do clear decisions, who are clear within their hearts.

Within 3×3 days you experience a total transformation into the light human of the New Age and you learn how to integrate it in your daily life.

How can is this transformation possible in this short amount of time?
It is due to Metatron being the Lightlord, deputy from the pure source of the heart of God.

Lightlord Metatron


Metatron introduces himself:

I am the Lightlord of the Primordial Source. I am the angel standing before the throne. Coming from the primordial light I reconnect all beings with the Primordial source, ignite the “I am Light of True Light”, renew all light sstructures.

This is the Sacred Geometry in the Light Bodies.

I raise your light vibration on all levels and activate the evolution and quantum leap within you. ‘ I am radiant presence of God”. I ignite this consciousness of highest radiance. The absolute Primordial Light is returning within you, within your life, in your being and in all structures of this creation.


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    Please can you tell me where the training takes place and for how long?
    Also what is the cost for this training?

  2. Peytrah Fischer

    Dear Katrina,
    so lovely to hear from you!
    The full training is 3×3 days.
    The first two parts in Aug/ Sept take place in Noosaville and are $ 495.- each incl. handouts.
    The third part is taking place next year and the venue TBA.

    Let me know if you have any more queries or if you want me to ring you to clarify any questions!

    Light Greetings!

  3. Caroline

    Will there be an online version for this workshop in the future? Thank you 🙂

  4. Peytrah Fischer

    Hi Caroline,thank you for your message. The Metatron Diamond Light Priest Training is designed by the founders of Litios, Antje and Edwin Eisele together with Lightlord Metatron. As we use many different ( physical) Light Crystals and Diamonds in the Training who are the pure presence of Ascended and Enlightened Ones, I don’t know of any plans to offer online Metatron Diamond Light Priest Trainings in near future. It is a sacred process offered in a specially designed Light Temple , absolutely pure and clear, Metatron always says that in those three days your Lightbody will be renewed. Of course nothing is impossible in this information age and still physical gatherings of like minded souls provide an enormous power.
    Personally, I am planning online Meditations, this would be an opportunity for you to dive into this Light energy. Let me know if you are interested. Light Greetings Peytrah 🙂

  5. anna

    Corsi in italia

  6. Peytrah Fischer

    Hi Anna, please contact Litios.com for corsi in Italia. Thank you, Light Greetings Peytrah

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