Experience the daily Help of the Nature Devas Litios Oceania Intensive with Peytrah Fischer and Litios Light Crystals

Learn about the Dolphins, Dragons and Elves and how they assist your wellbeing



The Dolphin Sphere

One of my client told me about how the Dolphin pendant his daughter was wearing helps her noticable in managing emotions. The feedbcak of the Dragon is

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Can you sleep well?

Are you suffering anxiety?

Then this Intensive is for you.


Feel and experience how the Nature Devas help you in your daily life in a miraculous way. Meditations and Exercises will open a whole new perspective of your life and that of your children!


  • Litios Light Centre Oceania/ Sunshine Coast

Cost: $130.00 per person

or use your special!

Special: 2 for 1, bring a friend and share this empowering experience!


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