Merkaba Seminar


Metatron Merkaba Activation Seminar

Training Duration: 2 days

New Dates:

10+11.12.2016, Sunshine Coast,

 cost: 350.-

Intention of the Training

Through the activation of the Merkaba, we reach higher levels of consciousness and transform into Light Crystal People of the New Age. We acknowledge the Divine in us, in others and in the whole Creation. The Ascension process within us is accelerated.

Words from Lightlord Metatron:

Experience the wonderful vibration of your personal Merkaba and learn to activate this Divine Light Potential – it serves your own evolutionary process and all of Creation.”

Seminar Content 

Pre-requisites to activate our Merkaba

  • What is the purpose of our Light Vehicle?
  • Karma releasing and resolving programming
  • Higher Chakras and Light Channels
  • Merkaba activation with Lightlord Metatron
  • The Crystalline Energy Flow and our extended Chakra System.
  • The Merkaba activation in the extended Chakra System and in the Light Body
  • Uses of Merkaba activation in daily life
  • The Cube of Metatron – the Diamond Light Vehicle

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