The Quantum Leap Seminar

The Quantum Leap Seminar
The Transformation of your Light Body to Higher Frequencies
In the presence of Lightlord Metatron, Mother Mary, Lord Shiva and the Enlightened Ones

Experience an intensive surge in your light consciousness

engelSeminar content

  •  Intensive clearing, liberating and illumination of the aura, chakras and energy bodies.
  • Transformation of blockages, issues and extraneous energies over time and space
  • Redemption of Ego Frequencies with Mother Mary
  • Transformation of Human Programs in your Aura
  • You are connected with the source of light and with the heart of Mother Earth
  • Activate your golden future
  • Fully experience love, joy and happiness
  • Channellings, meditations and partner exercises.


engel New Date: Sun 27.11.2016


Sunshine Coast/ AUD 200.00


 I, Lord Shiva, together with Lightlord Metatron, activate with my radiant light presence the quantum leap in your consciousness.



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September 22, 2016

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