Channeling by Archangel Rafael

Your soul’s initiation in divine love


channelled by Kyria Deva

Whenever we humans connect with Archangel Rafael (hebr.: God heals “),he mostly shows himself in the green colour of the healing ray .The authority of God, that he carries is especially the physical and spiritual healing. He accomplishes this by blessing us with healing vibration and love energies.

He also assists us in the opening of our hearts and envelops us with his shield whenever we ask him. He can lead us into clarity with any issue and thus guides us to truth.

In an Easter Meditation that I (Antje )performed together with a large meditation group , we called upon Archangel Rafael and asked him to open our hearts. You can connect with him through the following meditation and ask him for this opening of your heart.

Archangel Rafael speaks (Excerpt of the Channeling):

The initiation into divine love means that your entire soul is being captivated just as waves of light fully suffusing you. It comes from the purest heart of Father-Mother God. It is the highest frequency of love, highest radiance of love. Purest love unadulterated from the Primordial Heart of the pure Goddess, from the Primordial heart of God, from God’s almighty heart of love..

This love appears like lightening, always reaching the center of your divine heart and shakes it to the bottom. Allow yourself to be shaken. Be ready to experience the experience of love in you. Open yourself fully.

Say: „Archangel Rafael, I am ready to receive the arrow of love in my entire being, this shake of my entire being.“

Then, nothing stays as it was. Then everything is infused in love. Whatever you may have experienced is being infused by this pure divine love and you see everything with different eyes, with the eyes of love. Everything within you is being shaken by this pure love and is being ignited within you.

And each Chakra speaks: „ My God, I love you. I thank you, that I am here, that I may be.“

It emerges upwards out of the depths of your soul and speaks: „My God, I thank you.“

The Primordial Source of your soul is love. Everything that is, has been established on the base of this love, where nothing dark, suppressed, old exists as

the Primordial source of your soul is purest love .

These are my words for you, the words of love.

So it is.