The Divine Mission, and the Authorities of Father Pio

At the start of the seminar “the golden Christ-Light Body” in Germany by Antje Kyria and Edwin, we would like to share with you a little bit about Padre Pio, who in his lifetime completely blossomed in love to Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. He was a monk, lived in the last century in Italy, and is today one of the most popular saints in Italy. Thousands from all over the world pilgrim to his place of wonders
He is said to perform different miracles such as : Bilcoation, healing of non curable diseases, fragrances (intensive rose-and lily fragrance), he was wearing the marks of Christ, soul vision (he could see at the bottom of a soul nothing could be hidden before him) and prophecies ( some happened decades later, just as predicted).

Ask Padre Pio, for help, in particular, when it comes to karmic or current topics, in which you think: ” Help, my God, I need a miracle!”. These are mostly hopeless situations, deepest suffering and hardship (e.g.severed souls aspects, trauma, serious karma, physical attacks by dark energies, serious diseases, curses and murder).

I could always come to the divine mother. Often I held personal communing with her. I asked her for every single soul. Since I was and am her beloved son, she has never refused my requests. Every soul, which I presented to her heart, was granted the grace and guided back on the path of light, out of the suffering of this world, back in the happiness of the heart of God.

This was my way. For me it was the greatest bliss, to gift the souls back to heaven, to gift them back the light of the eternal love of God, which they had completely lost.
This was my divine mission, my innermost deepest need. Nothing else could ever make me happy, as the bliss to watch the souls and hearts rise above. I was allowed to watch their way into the light. I was allowed to watch them walk through the Golden Portal of heaven. There they were ordained by Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. These were my most blissful moments.

I want you to know that there are truly light souls needed on this earth, which are ready to open the gates for this humanity, to guide the souls the way to the kingdom of heaven, to open their awareness and their hearts, to find this path. There is nothing more blissful.