by Antje Kyria Deva 

(a short morning channeling of Lightlord Metatron)
This morning (7. April 2016) Lightlord Metatron came to me ( Antje) in his bright presence and revealed me the following words, which I would like to share with you.
Lightlord Metatron speaks:
” Good morning, Beloved lights of this earth. The Light Universe is with you and in you. Breathe in the Light universe and allow us, your Light Brothers and Sisters to renew everything in you from the bottom.
In every moment the heartbeat of God transforms everything in us and everything in you. Allow the heartbeat of God to capture you on a daily basis and to create you anew.
This is a rejuvenating process. The heartbeat of God collects old and ossified structures in you. Thus they are broken up and in the moment re-born. So don’t be stuck, but rather swing and breathe with the Heartbeat of God.
The Heartbeat of God accomplishes the miracle of renewal and new creation on a daily basis and in every moment. Thoroughly let go of the old and be reborn.
Say: “I Am the mighty Heartbeat of God and the rebirth “