What a great sunny Winters Day we had here on the Sunshine Coast today. I just love the Sun! Here some channelled Words from the Sunlords and Goddesses for you to enjoy:

Channeling at sunrise on the 10.06.2015, channeled by Antje Kyria Deva: 

“The spiritual power of the Lords of the Sun”

We, the Sun Lords of eternity nourish life on all levels. We are the managers, the logos, of the physical Suns.
Without the physical Sun, there would be no life on your planet. Everything grows and thrives in its light. Even your physical bodies nourish themselves from sunlight. The photon light for example, penetrates into the atoms and initiates the vibration and the circuits of the protons, electrons, neutrons and quantum in the microcosm. The sunlight plunges them into vibration. The result is an alive divine vibration, which keeps everything alive.
In the spirituel field we Sun Lords and Goddess of the Sun carry the entire kaleidoscope of the divine rays of colour in your aura. So, your soul body is nourished. The energy fields of your feelings and thoughts unfold and are profound, powerful and alive extended.

The light opens your soul for the life in the higher levels of light. The power of the Sun radiates intensively through your solar plexus in the outside of world. So the world can see and perceive you as a radiant personality.
In the spiritual dimension we, the Lords of the Sun, ignite your eternal divine being, which exists beyond all earthly experiences. We activate your pure light and bring it to enlightenment. Unite yourself with us Sun Lords and Goddesses. So your inner radiance increases infinitely and you yourself transmute into a divine Sun.

The photons Sun wheel and the diamond Sun of God of Litios ® are dedicated by the Sun Lords and specifically initiated, to reunite you with your divine light potential. Open the consciousness of your cells for enhanced light absorption in the ascension process.

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