During a public event in Germany there was an interview on stage with Lightlord Metatron. The interviewer asked a series of questions and Lightlord Metatron answered through Angel Medium Antje Kyria Deva.

One of the questions was:



The answer of LIGHTLORD METATRON through Angel Medium Antje Kyria Deva is very helpful for our lightwork, if we sense dark beings:

Yes Beloved Ones, as you know it is a fact that countless beings are incarnated here on this Earth. At the same time, there exist spiritual beings that you indeed cannot see but nonetheless are a reality. All of these beings feel at home here on Earth. This is also allowed, for this Earth offers all beings great possibilities to come here from the lowest spheres as well as from the highest realms of light to find a common home, to collectively learn something together and very importantly to enable beings who have not seen the light for such a long time to ascend. So from our perspective the Earth is a portal of light and a portal of grace. This situation will be maintained until the 5th dimension or an even higher vibrational level is reached.
For you Beloved Ones, when you sense a dark being – I would almost like to say be joyful for this – it means that your perception has grown. This also means that you can perceive and feel us angels of light better. Imagine and ask yourself the following: what would happen if Archangel Michael came and saw a dark being? What would he do? He would radiate out with his mighty light sword. You can also do the same: radiate exactly into the divine consciousness of this being so that they will be reminded who or what they truly are, namely Light from true Light. The light from this light sword will show this being that it is not in the divine order to attack another being but rather it is much more harmonious, more sensible, more powerful, to nourish oneself directly from the divine source.
You will grow with the help of this light sword, with the help of the angels that accompany you, with the knowing that only the strength and powerful radiance of love is what counts. It is part of your plan to grow in such situations and you will master it with the help of countless light beings that are prepared to be at your side at a moment’s notice. And so it is.