The Merkaba, Your Light Body Vehicle

All words written in italic are channelled by Antje Kyria Deva

 Have you ever wondered about the meaning of the David Star of the Israeli Flag?


It depicts the 2 dimensional Light Body Vehicle- the Merkaba in its dormant state. King David had the gift to see those star shapes around people, which are inactive in most humans, since the Fall of Atlantis 13000 years ago,

corresponding with the descension of consciousness.

Only very evolved beings like some Tibetan Lamas or some initiated Indigenous people have an activated Merkaba. This explains their ability to adjust their body temperature while being exposed to extreme cold only dressed in their thin monch robes or their ability to teleport themselves and many more abilities that hardly can be explained by Modern science (even though this is changing currently too. I.e. see the work of Bruce Lipton and many more).

In the Modern Western World, the knowledge of the Merkaba was fully lost and as many of you know, it was Drunvalo Melchisedek, a well known spiritual teacher from America, who introduced this ancient wisdom in his books “ The Flower of Life 1+2) in the mid 80 ies after it had been revealed to him 1971. He then taught a specific process to reactivate the Merkaba.

I remember listening to his complex instructions of combined breathing and mudra techniques to activate my Merkaba years ago- a very structured teaching- a male technique which worked for a few. Personally I always loved the easy, uncomplicated way and luckily he also offered a very simple female version. His teachings now include new knowledge and information of Merkaba activation. You can learn this technique, a combination of science and ancient wisdom in his Awakening of the illuminated Heart workshops, which is very mind opening as well as empowering.

Moreover, early 2000, the leading light in the Ascension process, a great Lightlord, called Metatron stepped on the scene. Metatron El Shaddaii, the highest Angel of all, standing before the throne of God and presented humanity a very simple, most effective and divine process of Merkaba Activation, through the Angel Medium Antje Kyria Deva.

Lightbeings who always have a fully functional Merkaba and thus are perfect Merkaba Teacher and Technicians Light are fascilitating this process together with Light tools (possessing divine living consciousness) such as the Merkaba Sphere from Litios Light Crystals.

For those of you, who would like to understand this activation on a deeper level and experience an intensive clearing , freeing and activation of your Merkabas, I would highly recommend the Merkaba Course and/or Diamond Lightpriest Training by Metatron, if you are ready.

But back to the beginning- what is the Merkaba?

Merkaba simply means:

MER = counter-rotating pyramidal field of light

KA = spirit (upper pyramid = spirit-pyramid = spirit-tetrahedron)

BA = body (lower pyramid = earth-pyramid= creation-tetrahedron)

The Merkaba is a living, constantly rotating field of light that can expand and that also possesses consciousness.

The Activation of your Merkaba is vital in the evolution and expansion of your light consciousness.

The Mer-Ka-Ba is the geometric organisation of your light body whose shape corresponds to all things in the universe: atoms, minerals, crystals, plants, animals, planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes.

The whole microcosm and macrocosm are based on the same geometric laws (as above, so below – as inside, so outside).

It exists of 2 opposing and partially interwoven pyramids.


The pyramid is a primary form of creation (one of the most important forms). It is a male form of creation (circle = female).

The word ‘Pyramid’ means: fire in the middle and Master Toth explains:” the divine consciousness dwells in its centre’, the centre of the Merkaba.


This means: The main “control centre” of your Merkaba is your divine consciousness in the Heart Centre. The I AM.


An active Merkaba rotates, thereby creating a protective field of light, i.e., an energy space of light that expands many kilometers and has the shape of an spaceship.

When we activate our Mer-Ka-Ba daily, we can become light creators.

The speed can increase up to 9/10 of the speed of light. We can even shift dimensions and enter a higher one. The Mer-Ka-Ba is also an interdimensional vehicle that all humans possess, however, mostly it is still in a coma as well as so badly damaged that it even couldn’t function properly.


As you can see, the activation of the Merkaba is a wonderful reconnection to your God given abilities and thus it requires great responsibility of you and above all a pure heart. In fact a pure heart is needed for the activation of the Merkaba, as it is the centre of your own Merkaba.


The electromagnetic field of the heart emits the strongest electromagnetic field of the body ( see studies of Hearth Math

Your Merkaba then increases your light vibration, the radiance of your aura, your electromagnetic field. It expands your consciousness, so your thoughts and emotions are more illuminated and programming will be exposed quickly and dissolved. It stabilises your entire Aura and Chakra System, which means that you have more energy and are not as easily manipulated or controlled.

Above all, it accelerates your spiritual evolution and your ascension process,

you become a creator of light and you can use this gracefully gifted ability to ease and create your life and assist the quality of life of others and your surroundings.

The Activation of your Merkaba is a very touching experience- to feel and hear the humming of your own Merkaba the first time after thousands of years is indescribable.

It has the feeling of regaining a most important puzzle piece in your evolution.



Imagine your Light Body radiating in new splendor after all your corner crystals are re- established and cleared and the connections are realigned surrounding your wonderfully illuminated heart centre!

One of my most amazing experiences regarding the Merkaba was, when I had a skype meditation with a Light friend of mine.

Suddenly I heard a strange sound- a tune, I have never heard before. My girl friend asked me: “Have you heard this”? ”Yes! “, I answered, and we both knew: it was the sound of the Merkaba of Mother Mary. Wow, we were absolutely stunned by amazement, gratitude and deeply touched. This was pure grace! Mother Mary allowed us to hear the sound of her Merkaba, to listen to her presence! This may sound strange- but it was so clear to both of us- we just knew!


All Lightbeings have an activated, fully functioning Merkaba- a divine field of light!


The activaton of your Merkaba is part of the process of Ascension. You move back into your own divinity, step by step, as you were created out of pure light in the beginning of time.


Yes, even all your Chakras have an individual Merkaba, all your cells, all your Lightbodies are longing to be activated to their full potential.


Another wonderful experience happened to me one evening. For some reasons, I was watching TV, which I don’t often do and found myself watching the weather forecast. At that time, I was living on the Sunshine Coast in Australia and luckily, the Sunshine Coast is mostly saved from disasters such as cyclones, often happening further North or fire disasters further South. But at this day a mighty cyclone was forecast to severely hit the Sunshine Coast. Yes, indeed I heard many people talking about this anxiously everywhere the days before.

On the weather map you could clearly see the cyclone rolling towards the coast- when I remembered words of Metatron:


“…In your world not only exists a physical pollution of your environment but also a spiritual one, caused and continuously reactivated by humans through their negative thoughts, through their emotions such as fear, hatred, jealousy and anger. All those are spreading. And those energies can mass together. Once many ascend and gather they can move around the earth like cyclones and facilitate cyclones in your physical space. But whenever you work with such Merkabas of Light you can send out light vortexes of redemption and move those energies back into redemption. Thus you can contribute to an enormous cleansing of the spiritual pollution of this earth..”

“Ok”, I said, “Metatron, you taught us about Light Merkabas, so please, this is really important as it may affect many, let’s send out Light Merkabas with your frequency from my heart to this cyclone, so it can dissolve or turn around.”

You know, it happened, the cyclone turned around, against the scientific, meteorologic forecast.

I was in deep gratitude to witness such divine interaction.

I know, you might say, ‘it happens occasionally that a cyclone just turns around’- feel for yourself the truth in your heart.

It is my wish, that today you get deeply touched by the impression of how an activated Merkaba feels and that you remember this gift, simply by listening with an open heart to the words, channeled by Antje Kyria Deva.

Metatron says about the activated Merkaba:

“…What will happen then? It simply means that your field of light will expand. It is a vibrant light. This constantly pulsating, rotating and vivid field of light around you keeps all dark energies away, they can no longer cling to your aura. This makes you more aware and allows you to be more stable.

Imagine it like this: You are surrounded by an active, vibrant and constantly rotating field of light. Then you encounter a dark entity. It wants to grasp you, yet it does not succeed, perhaps for a brief moment, but then this field of light intensifies again, its speed increases and this entity will back off.
Due to this vibrant, rotating field of light, there is so much light, which is set free, so much light, which is activated, that lower beings have to keep their distance. However, even they can become brighter and brighter with your radiance….”.

Additionally Ashtar Sheran gives you further insight:

“…In the beginning, the origin, before you left the primordial spheres of creation, the purest spheres of angels, a great gift was given to us all from Metatron’s heart: the Divine Merkaba.

The Divine Merkaba was meant to carry you from place to place, from dimension to dimension, from star region to star region in the entire universe and it was supposed to reconnect you to your home anytime. You could never get lost as the top of the Merkaba was always aligned to Divine Primordial Space, to the Cube of Metatron, to the Divine Merkaba, to the diamond light vehicle of Metatron. Hence, this was the most precious gift and it guaranteed your return. Since wherever you remained, you could return through dimensions and time, and from solar system to solar system.

You never felt lost, you could order yourself back instantly as the Divine Merkaba was equipped with a navigational system. Even if you were lost for a brief moment due to interesting circumstances, your Merkaba construction was able to immediately realign and reconnect you to your home star or to Source. A perfect navigational system, as you would call it, was integrated in your wonderful Divine Merkaba, which was infinitely radiant and beautiful in its construction, akin to a Divine Diamond. The all-seeing Eye of God shone upon it and therefrom it drew its radiance: the Divine Merkaba – your Merkaba.

… (the Merkaba) can realign and create primal navigations, so that star charts, codes and ray connections will be reactivated. The vertices of the Merkaba are data crystals for various information, codes and connections…

We, the light technicians, have a vast knowledge of these crystalline techniques. Our starships from the highly vibrating dimensions are purest crystalline light ships, ray ships that are born from our heart and programmed with the consciousness of our spirit and our heart to which they react, enabling them to travel through space with us.

In this Merkaba-protective field we effortlessly enter low vibrating dimensions, we are always protected in this pure crystalline field. We are always in our divine integrity and can help any planet without risks – regardless of its atmosphere – to raise its radiance.. ..”


And finally Metatron speaks to you about the relation of the OM frequency and your Merkaba and the Tibetan Masters:

“…Attune yourselves to the primal sound of the universe, to the OM that permeates all and continuously rings out in all spheres and planes. It is the fundamental frequency. Like an orchestra that tunes itself before they play; all instruments are tuned to that pitch in order to avoid dissonances and to ensure that all vibrates harmoniously. In the same way your Merkaba tunes itself to the primal sound, the basic vibration, the OM, so that there are no disharmonies, so that all is one universal symphony.

The Merkaba activation helps you release all persistent thoughts within you or around you as well as frequencies of fear that are often stirred up by the media in this country. It assists you in extricating yourself from this swamp and reconnecting you clearly and purely to the resonance of the universal vibration of love, which pervades and renews everything.

The Tibetan Masters are with you today. They are the masters of the OM meditation, the basic vibration of the universe. They had tuned everything within them, all cells, all structures, to the OM after many years of meditation. Everything within them was in resonance with this OM, which allowed them to raise themselves. This mighty OM sounds like a gong stroke in your souls, your whole aura – it vibrates and resonates with All…

… This is Metatron with the Tibetan Masters, who could meditate so deeply and intensively that every cell could join in and sing with this OM. It was all in harmony with Oneness. And you are connected to this vibration of Oneness – this OM emanates wonderful peace, inner peace. Leave all old evaluations behind, be in heavenly peace with yourself and with All-That-Is. Vibrate with the OM, the eternal, infinite OM of the universe.

So it is.”

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